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Basic Swapping Question

Let's say that two players agree to swap 10% in a $1,000 buyin tournament. Player 1 busts for $0 and Player 2 wins $10,000. Should Player 1 receive $1000 (.1 x 10,000) or should he receive $900 (.1 x (10,000-1,000))? Obviously it doesn't really matter how they do it as long as they've agreed, but say they forgot to specify how it would be done. Which way is most typical?

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U shove i call
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Re: Basic Swapping Question

$1000 buyin isn't factored in.
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Re: Basic Swapping Question

Total cash
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Re: Basic Swapping Question

You can look at it two ways:

Player 1 receives 10,000 x 10% = 1,000 for the total cash
Player 2 receives 0 x 10% = 0


Player 1 receives 9,000 x 10%= 900 for the net profit
Player 2 owes 1000 x 10% = 100 for Player 1's net loss

Either way Player 1 receives $1000
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Re: Basic Swapping Question

Originally Posted by TheChamp11 View Post
Total cash

you swap 10% of a 1k, that player cashes for $10k , you do not cash ($0)

$10k + $0 = $10k / 10%= $1k owed to you
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