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4 cards flipped in deck, rules question

12 left in $1.1K BI local live

Dealer announces that first card off the deck is flipped and becomes box card.

Hero AA UTG deepstacked 2BB raise, BB defends.
Flop K32r,

I notice that the next card in the deck is face up 6

BB check-calls my 55%

as are the next two cards both face up.

He announces that the three flipped cards are second burn, third burn and dead, then takes the next face down card

Turn 8 completing r, BB check-calls 50%

River 9, I bet 50% again
Dealer starts chatting to staff (dealer change) behind him and doesn't announce the action, further confusing events. I exclaim 'Dealer!!' rather loudly to attempt regain focus. BB calls with KQ. I win critical pot, largest of mtt and go to CL.

  1. How close was this to being called a dead hand?
  2. What recourse do I have if it was called dead?

Unique situation in an excellent, high volume, very well run poker room.

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Re: 4 cards flipped in deck, rules question

I would think it is difficult for the hand to be called dead once action has taken place. Bit of a weird spot when so many cards have been exposed, but I would think any cards that would replace said cards would come from third card from bottom of the deck (and fourth, fifth, etc. if any more are needed).
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