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Limit-->NL Discussion for experienced Limit Hold'em players wanting to learn or transition to No Limit Hold'em

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Old 12-01-2010, 06:44 PM   #1
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live 100-max: MPTK plus flush draw

100-max spread limit, 1/2 blinds, so it's like shortstacked 1/2

MP Villain has about $100, is tight and passive.
Hero has about $100
BTN has about $80, is loose and passive.

Hero is CO with A9
2 limpers, Hero limps, BTN limps, SB completes, BB checks.
Flop [$8]: K93
4 checks, Hero bets $5, BTN calls, 1 fold, MP calls.
Turn [$23]: 7
MP checks, Hero bets $15, BTN calls, MP calls.
River [$68]: 2
MP checks, Hero checks ...
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Old 12-02-2010, 05:16 AM   #2
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Re: live 100-max: MPTK plus flush draw

OK, first off PF I would either raise or fold this hand. You don't want to play A-rag offsuit in a mw pot. Except for 99x-r flops what other boards are you looking to hit mw with this hand? Given that BTN is loose I am more prone to ditch this but if I was to play the hand I raise to buy the BTN and get this HU.

As played I'm ok stabbing at this pot. You don't have absolute position but it's close and noone has shown any interest. I would bet half pot since stacks are short though.

On the turn it's an interesting spot. If you check and someone bets big you might get priced out of a peel (I wouldn't bank on IO for the river on a 4-flush board unless you have a read that your opponent can't lay down a flush) and if you bet you may get raised anyway. Either way I like a c-bet. First, you MIGHT (not sure with LP players) get a better hand like a K to fold, second you can set the price for the turn. I would bet smaller though, again, to draw cheaply.

Once you get called in 2 places on this board I c/f the river. MP may very likely have a K he's looking to SD as cheaply as possible and if BTN bets now we beat nothing. Passive
players won't bluff here very often 3-way.
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Old 12-04-2010, 07:09 AM   #3
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Re: live 100-max: MPTK plus flush draw

fold pre, flop is fine, ott you're semi-bluffing against MP
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