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Werewolf Guide, Rules, Tools, Database, Scheduling & Strategy Links!

Werewolf Guide, Rules, Tools, Database, Scheduling & Strategy Links!

If you hear him howling around your kitchen door
Better not let him in
Little old lady got mutilated late last night
Werewolves of London again

-- Warren Zevon
Werewolf is a game of psychology and strategy, communication and intrigue. Can you outwit a village? Can you catch a lying werewolf? Can you sniff out the village seers in the dead of the night? Can you lead the village to victory against a pack of evil foes? There's only one way to find out...

POG Werewolf Rules:

Chat about all things Werewolf:

Get started playing Werewolf on POG:

Resources for modding Werewolf on POG:

Werewolf Scheduling:

Werewolf Database:

Werewolf Strategy Threads:

Werewolf Moderation Threads:

Other Fun Werewolf Threads:

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Exclamation Werewolf Zero Posting / Non-Participation Policy

Effective starting now, we are instituting a new effort to clarify the expectations placed on players who sign up for werewolf games.

Here are the expectations:

1. If you sign up for a game, you are expected to meet the minimum participation requirements set by the game moderator.

2. If the game moderator does not set minimum participation requirements, you are at a minimum expected to post at least one time per game day, and contact the moderator if you will not be able to make at least one post on any game day.

That's it. If you zero post on any game day, you are subject to the punishment decisions of the forum moderators, independent of whatever in-game punishment the game moderator deems appropriate in his or her discretion.

In short, it is never acceptable to fail to post without letting the mod know unless you actually have a personal emergency or unavoidable technical difficulty or something similar. Please do not abuse that if you slank out of a game for selfish reasons.

Likely punishments include WW bans, infraction points, public shaming, temporary 2p2 bans, and whatever other mean things we can think of. All will be at our discretion on a case-by-case basis.
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re: POG Werewolf Guide, Rules, Tools, Scheduling & Strategy Links!


{Makaze} has created an incredible extension for the twoplustwo search function. It will expand search results to show the entire post, rather than snippets of each post.

It is fantastic, and if you play werewolf you want this. You want this a lot.

See below for links and installation for Chrome (use Tampermonkey) and Firefox (use Greasemonkey).

Originally Posted by {Makaze} View Post
Makaze from SF here.

I made a tool to help with ISOs for this game. It shows full posts in searches instead of snippets.

Two Plus Two - Expanded Search Results


Install by clicking the Raw button with Greasemonkey (for Firefox) or Tampermonkey (for Chrome) installed.
And here for Safari:

Originally Posted by {Makaze} View Post
Tampermonkey for Safari?

Someone add this when they make the official post, please.

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