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Thanksgiving in Los Angeles Thanksgiving in Los Angeles

09-23-2021 , 12:56 PM
Anybody feel like a November Mash? Starting either Monday the 15th or Monday the 22nd (Monday the 22nd has Thanksgiving on Thursday, which could be awesome or problematic...)
09-23-2021 , 01:10 PM
bsball and I are running a mish mash starting the ~8th of november
09-23-2021 , 01:39 PM
You are? I didn't see one in the thread.
09-23-2021 , 02:21 PM
Originally Posted by VoraciousReader Thanksgiving in Los Angeles
You are? I didn't see one in the thread.
we posted an interest thread about a month agoÖ

I didnít put it in the scheduling thread but I can if you would like
09-23-2021 , 02:24 PM
I can’t even find the scheduling thread
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