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Sports Trivia Game: Schwab-Style College Bowl Sports Trivia Game: Schwab-Style College Bowl
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Sports Trivia Game: Schwab-Style College Bowl

02-09-2009 , 11:18 AM
Superbowl TD
Bart Starr to Max McGee
02-09-2009 , 11:35 AM
Max Dugan Returns!
02-09-2009 , 11:36 AM
Hell yes Tom, we need to get some pizoints.
02-09-2009 , 11:36 AM
i like when these diamond questions go to the max - i hope they return
02-09-2009 , 11:36 AM
nice one, tom! also, flee has the other diamond.

all WR answers are in, thanks!

will post new leaderboard and the final List question after lunch.
02-09-2009 , 02:38 PM
answers to the receiver question (over 13K)

Jerry Rice seattle
Isaac Bruce san fran
Tim Brown tampa
Marvin Harrison indy
Terrell Owens dallas
James Lofton philly
Cris Carter miami
Henry Ellard new england
Randy Moss new england
Andre Reed washington
Steve Largent seattle

Here's how everyone did (Cards was high man):

note: the guys in the 4hole get tripled

Team A
steroid 26
true north 26
donga 22
mjw 25
willie 27

Team B
dudd 20
EMD 24
dkgo 21
msu 24
mediaPA 15

Team C
bairdo 21
fleebrog 24
sixfour 21
tom1975 19
comp13 19

Team D
sarcastic 25
cards 32
zimmer 19
pwnsall 22
manupod 17
02-09-2009 , 02:40 PM
bonus points:

TN 5
donga 1
dk 1
cards 1
pwnsall 1
flee 14
team B 14
team D 14
steroid 1
msu 2
media 1
zimmer 4
tom 1
02-09-2009 , 02:52 PM
new standings:

Team A 768
Team D 671
Team B 632
Team C 575

there's only one more "list" question, but it's still too early to crown Team A. we'll have some more Thunderdomes, Schwabbonaires, plus the final Schwab Showdown could be worth an assload of points. (we'll be wrapping up this week.)

the person on the right is a guy, right? is it me or is he leaning in a little too close?
02-09-2009 , 03:21 PM
I'm a huge idiot for forgetting Isaac Bruce is still playing.

Some of those last teams were pretty brutal. Cris Carter's stint with the Dolphins has been completely erased from my memory.

I luckboxed James Lofton because I picked him in the NFL Modern Era draft. Nice work Cardsman, team D ftw etc.
02-09-2009 , 03:36 PM
Originally Posted by chymechowder Sports Trivia Game: Schwab-Style College Bowl

there's only one more "list" question, but it's still too early to crown Team A.
Listen, Team A is who we thought they were. If you wanna crown 'em, then crown their ass. BUT THEY ARE WHO WE THOUGHT THEY WERE.
02-09-2009 , 04:12 PM
haha, that's excellent. (have you ever heard denny green do football color commentary on the radio? what a trainwreck.)

also, sarcastic, alot of people put the Rams for Bruce's team.


In 1970-71, Dave Cowens and Geoff Petrie tied for NBA Rookie of the Year. there have been two other ties since then.

For 2 pts, Name the two players who tied EITHER time. (dont' guess both years. just guess one.)

I'll name some players, each of whom played on multiple teams. I'll list all but one of the teams he played for. My teams lists are alphabetical, not chronological, fyi. Fill in the missing team for one point.

Gary Payton: Celtics, Heat, Lakers, Sonics

Maurice Cheeks: Hawks, Knicks, Nets, 76ers

Eddie Jones: Heat, Hornets, Lakers, Mavericks

(2 pts). Rod Strickland. I've left off TWO teams. Name them both: Blazers, Kincks, Magic, Raptors, Rockets, Spurs, Wizards

Remember, only go for one guy.
02-09-2009 , 04:21 PM
Payton - Trailblazers
02-09-2009 , 04:22 PM
Grant Hill/Jason Kidd
02-09-2009 , 04:22 PM
Eddie Jones - Mavericks

Last edited by EMD710N; 02-09-2009 at 04:30 PM. Reason: Disregard that one, I'm an idiot.
02-09-2009 , 04:23 PM
Gary Payton went to Milwaukee in the Ray Allen trade.
02-09-2009 , 04:24 PM
Can I answer more than one?
02-09-2009 , 04:25 PM
donga wrong. manu right
02-09-2009 , 04:28 PM
only answer one for now.

TN is right.

EMD you named a team that was on the list. i'll count that as a nonguess so you can guess again.
02-09-2009 , 04:30 PM
The other tie in ROY was Steve Francis and Elton Brand.
02-09-2009 , 04:41 PM
emd right...donga you can guess for one of the remaining questions
02-09-2009 , 04:46 PM
if you actually said name 11, i can't read
02-09-2009 , 05:03 PM
cheeks - Bulls...I am just pulling stuff out of you know what now
02-09-2009 , 06:02 PM
Eddie Jones is the Grizzlies
02-09-2009 , 07:55 PM
Cheeks is the Spurs.
02-10-2009 , 12:09 AM
mjw and zimm have their diamonds. only one left

(2 pts). Rod Strickland played for Blazers, Kincks, Magic, Raptors, Rockets, Spurs, Wizards and which two other teams?

Also looking for a B and C to do a Thunderdome. Need to even out the potential points. Subject football.

master. blaster....master.blaster...