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Today , 02:07 AM
This is why having a list is so necessary
Today , 02:09 AM
haha shouldn't be so tilt, you're a great cluer but it's still hard!!! and you saw how hard I thought about it to logic puzzle it down to clear - with an assumption completely off it still woulda been 50/50 and Grace did make some sense, filthy was clutch in guessing but then rando wanted centaur at the end so was hard to talk with the bullheadedness
Today , 02:10 AM
we may have won with no concession tho...will never know but....80% of blame on spymaster(who rando conceded)

also my grandma is 80% Irish

her name is Iris
Today , 02:13 AM
Oh yeah, you definitely tried your best to logic it out.

Cap just seemingly came completely out of left field, so I really wasn't expecting it to go down that way heh.
Today , 02:15 AM
with time being 0% blue assumption(and therefore neutral) it leaves us on 100% Cap

if they had another word to pick from I would have thought much harder but I thought it was done ruling out point/time as neutrals
Today , 02:17 AM
moral of the blue

we had ya right where we wanted ya(kinda forreal this time) but then our spymaster just gave you all your words lol
Today , 02:19 AM
keepin it competitive