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Peehs Peehs

06-22-2022 , 01:49 PM
I haven't run a game in years but inspiration struck so here we are. I present a Peehs in 3 acts, hopefully it's interesting enough.

The Best
1) Name an actor/actress with at least 2 Academy Award wins in acting categories*.
2) Name an artist in the top 50 of the All-Time Billboard Hot 100 top artists.**
3) Name an athlete that has won at least 6 Olympic Gold Medals.

One and Done
4) Name an actor/actress that has won an Academy Award with his/her only acting category* nomination.
5) Name an artist that had a song reach No. 1 of the Billboard Hot 100 but had no other song reach the top 10.
6) Name an athlete that has won at least 1 Gold Medal in his/her only participation in the Olympic Games.

Close but no Cigar
7) Name an actor/actress with at least 3 Academy Award nominations in acting categories* but no win.
8) Name an artist that had at least 3 top 10 songs on the Billboard Hot 100 but never had a No. 1.
9) Name a country*** that has won at least one Silver or Bronze Medal at Olympic Games but never a Gold Medal.

*Acting categories = Best Actor/Actress and Best Supporting Actor/Actress
** My source assigns a point system to songs on the chart and we're looking for the artists that accumulated the most points over their career - tracking period is August 4, 1958 to January 22, 2022
*** It's a list of NOCs (National Olympic Commitee), which are usually but I guess not strictly always countries.

- Send entries in an unnumbered list
- No research
- Deadline Monday July 4th, 1am Server Time
I will then aim to reveal some time on that Monday, no idea how long it'll take since I'm unfamiliar with the Sheepulator and will have to research the individual answers on some of the questions.
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06-22-2022 , 02:47 PM
I'm in!
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06-22-2022 , 03:22 PM

see if you can finish above the filthy line
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06-22-2022 , 03:38 PM
in with some incorrects and other assorted answers
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06-23-2022 , 05:21 AM
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06-23-2022 , 01:22 PM
In to give filthy a run for his money.
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06-23-2022 , 04:47 PM
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06-24-2022 , 07:05 AM
in to suck
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06-27-2022 , 06:20 PM
subbed to maybe in. looks tough on first glance.
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07-03-2022 , 03:06 AM
One day left for entries. We're at 9 so far, maybe we can get that up by a few?
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07-03-2022 , 11:02 AM
in but not going to do well..
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07-04-2022 , 05:42 AM
Reveal hopefully in a few hours, get your last minute entries in if you have them because there won't be another warning.
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07-04-2022 , 07:45 AM
Entered for sake of entering. Bunch of incorrect I'm sure
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07-04-2022 , 09:10 AM
Originally Posted by housenuts
Entered for sake of entering. Bunch of incorrect I'm sure
I appreciate it.
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