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New rules on gimmicks/game mods

Because of sitewide changes to access to PMs etc, how we set up gimmicks and game mods need to change, and the instructions to new players will also need to change.

We no longer have the ability to switch on messages for players with unseasoned accounts. This is because new accounts do not have access to the usergroups page until they are seasoned and we cannot authorise them until they do.

The bar to be passed for new accounts is not high. It's a certain number of posts (we are asked not to say what it is but it's low) and an amount of time. This means new accounts cannot be sent PMs for turbos straight away.

Here's what needs to happen:

1. If you have set up a gimmick to run a game, please use it to post in the signup thread and if you have the inclination, in LC threads. It will become seasoned before you need to send out game PMs etc. Just season it, then ask to join the usergroups in the normal way.

2. If you want to use a new gimmick in a game, please create it in advance if possible. The amount of seasoning needed is not particularly high. If you created it a week in advance, that would be fine. It's perfectly okay to create gimmicks for future use. You can use this thread for the purpose if you like: or post in the pub. However, to use this gimmick seasoning thread, you must "out" your gimmick to one of the forum mods. Any unouted gimmick will be banned and cleaned by the mods. This is to avoid use of the seasoning thread by spammers.

3. If a new player wishes to play a turbo, and the turbo has a mod, the new player must provide skype details to the mod. Alternatively, the forum mods will maintain a list of "forum gimmicks" for use by new players (and established players who wish to play anonymously in games that permit it).

Thanks for your patience in this respect. Please ask any further questions by PM or Skype.

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