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The Movie Picture Game The Movie Picture Game

02-13-2010 , 11:06 PM
Originally Posted by chymechowder The Movie Picture Game
you read the Outsiders on your own, didn't you, gheay-wad?
I have never read it. In fact, I have never read anything. I am illiterate.
02-13-2010 , 11:08 PM
This one ought to do it

02-13-2010 , 11:09 PM
Le Ballon Rouge/The Red Balloon
02-13-2010 , 11:10 PM
Originally Posted by Big Orange The Movie Picture Game
The Red Balloon
Whoops. I got caught reading an article in another tab and didn't refresh. You got it before the giveaway, nice job!

Edit - The Big O got it before you, AKS.
02-13-2010 , 11:11 PM
bah, I thought I had it
02-13-2010 , 11:15 PM
I guess I better pass my turn. Not quite sure how to upload pics here.
02-13-2010 , 11:16 PM
Le X Rouge

add: click on the yellow rectangle icon and paste in the full properties info. works best if you have the pic saved on a hosting site like imageshack or photobucket. sometimes if you just do a google image search and use those properties it won't link properly.

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02-14-2010 , 07:38 AM
Ok I wanted to rehost that pick just because I'm that nice, but upload failed. And because a) he wanted someone else to go and b) the url told me that it was The Girl from Monaco I will just post a pic
02-14-2010 , 07:44 AM
02-14-2010 , 03:07 PM
the rock?
02-14-2010 , 03:16 PM
02-14-2010 , 03:38 PM
man you really DO have a hard.on for michael bay, huh?

02-14-2010 , 03:45 PM
Just used it because I've seen it just 2 days ago
02-16-2010 , 05:16 AM
02-16-2010 , 12:28 PM
sorry, didnt know I got the rock correct, oops

02-16-2010 , 12:42 PM
The Prestige?
02-16-2010 , 02:30 PM
bingo, nice
02-16-2010 , 09:34 PM
02-16-2010 , 11:30 PM
02-16-2010 , 11:38 PM
Good guess but no
02-18-2010 , 12:52 AM
02-18-2010 , 01:00 AM
Funny Games?
02-18-2010 , 01:03 AM