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12-12-2009 , 12:23 AM
Originally Posted by legend42 The Movie Picture Game
Aha, big Almodovar fan, but haven't seen that one in awhile...when you said "Common guys" I thought you mean it was common (there are very few people here for whom that film is common), but now it reads as "Come on"...anyway good one, will have another up soon
Oh yeah, hahah. I meant 'come on'. Anyway, gj, Legend!
12-12-2009 , 12:42 AM
12-12-2009 , 01:18 PM
12-12-2009 , 05:12 PM
Risky Business
12-12-2009 , 09:43 PM
no idea on this, but it's funny how many shots include someone holding a gun.
12-13-2009 , 03:27 PM
I can't tell if this is stumping people or if no one is even trying...

12-13-2009 , 03:36 PM
Officially stump'd
12-13-2009 , 03:53 PM
im 100% i have never seen this movie, or anything like it
12-13-2009 , 03:54 PM
yeah I got no idea
12-13-2009 , 05:07 PM
Hmmm... so should I just reveal? What's the protocol here?
12-13-2009 , 05:13 PM
Originally Posted by kailong The Movie Picture Game
Hmmm... so should I just reveal? What's the protocol here?
I think this means you win the game!
12-13-2009 , 05:31 PM
Originally Posted by Aaronk56's Son The Movie Picture Game
I think this means you win the game!
Hahah. The movie is somewhat obscure, but a lot of people I know have seen it, so I didn't think it would be impossible.
12-13-2009 , 07:19 PM
Originally Posted by kailong The Movie Picture Game
Hmmm... so should I just reveal? What's the protocol here?
I'd say just keep posting easier pictures for it, if there are any.
12-14-2009 , 01:39 AM
Ok, found out my friend has this on DVD, going to take some screenshots and will get them up soon.
12-14-2009 , 02:26 AM
hmm...I'm stumped.

My suggestion would be more clues (and pictures that reveal something researchable if you have them)...what country the film is from, something about its director, etc. Don't give away the title until it's totally exhausted. I'm pretty sure I haven't seen this, but I've probably at least heard of it.
12-14-2009 , 02:29 AM
I'm still stumped as to the title, but the plot is great:

"Hey a party! Let's shoot this fish! Oh, it's already dead!"
"We'll have a funeral march for the dead fish."
"What a party, and that fish tasted great. Sunrise always makes me hug my rifle."
"Hey another party! And this lady wants to sex us both!"
"Oh, never mind. She likes that tank more than us now."
"Ugh, what a party! I'm so ashamed of my drunken revelry that I have to hide in this Nazi Flag."
"Official statement: Our friend is not a Nazi, he just likes to keep warm."

Alas, googling any of this plot doesn't lead to the actual title of the movie.
12-14-2009 , 02:46 AM
lol Eggson...that's pretty much what i was trying to piece together too

it has the look of a Herzog film (some surreal images and a big landscape shot) but I can't think of any that fit the bill (I've seen Invincible, almost positive that's not it). I don't think it's Fassbinder or Wenders, either. Maybe a Volker Schlondorff film?

If it's recent, I guess I'll throw in a guess for Black Book. Haven't seen it and what I've read doesn't really fit, but worth a shot...
12-14-2009 , 03:18 AM
Eggson, I'm curious how these next photos will fit into your plot.

12-14-2009 , 03:19 AM
Ohh... and don't forget...

12-14-2009 , 03:25 AM
And I think it's time for a hint:

This is a Serbian film.