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The Movie Picture Game The Movie Picture Game

01-31-2009 , 02:05 AM
Name the movie in the screenshot. Whoever guesses correctly first posts the next picture (same format as my Google Earth Game).

Rules and Tips:
  • Don't post unknown, off-the-wall movies that hardly anyone has heard of. Trying to stump everyone isn't the object of the game...that'll just kill the game.
  • You can only post your own picture if you're the first to answer the current picture correctly. If a winner fails to post the next picture within 6 hours of answering correctly, anyone is free to take that person's turn.
  • If you use a picture you found on the internet (I suggest Google Image Search), make sure to save it, change the filename, and then rehost it, otherwise people will be able to check its url, track it down, and figure out the movie.
  • If you need a place to host your picture, use
  • Research is allowed.

First one:

01-31-2009 , 02:19 AM
looks like Tom Cruise. teetered on Last Samurai but settled on Valkryie.
01-31-2009 , 02:21 AM
gangs of NY. Day Lewis eye
01-31-2009 , 02:23 AM
Originally Posted by r2arthur The Movie Picture Game
gangs of NY. Day Lewis eye
Correct. Your turn.
01-31-2009 , 02:33 AM
Originally Posted by king_nothing_ The Movie Picture Game
01-31-2009 , 04:49 AM
old boy
01-31-2009 , 04:58 AM
01-31-2009 , 09:08 AM
apocolypse now?
01-31-2009 , 09:10 AM
Originally Posted by willie24 The Movie Picture Game
apocolypse now?
01-31-2009 , 10:03 AM
01-31-2009 , 10:12 AM
The Great Escape.
01-31-2009 , 10:46 AM
no clue. i thought i would be better at this game. sigh.

lock stock and two smoking barrels? totally guessing

also, do you have a thing for eye injuries?
01-31-2009 , 10:48 AM
Originally Posted by alice16 The Movie Picture Game
lock stock and two smoking barrels? totally guessing
also, do you have a think for eye injuries?
Hah, I guess so. I didn't do that on purpose.
01-31-2009 , 02:06 PM

(because i want someone to guess that movie still, and then post another one that i won't be able to get...)
01-31-2009 , 02:22 PM
Another pic, same movie:

01-31-2009 , 02:24 PM
In Bruges
01-31-2009 , 02:25 PM
sidenote: i only saw the first 30 minutes or so of that movie...ha. in case you're wondering why i missed the first shot.
01-31-2009 , 02:29 PM
Pretty good movie. You should watch the whole thing.
01-31-2009 , 02:31 PM
yeah that's what i hear. i had to leave when it was on. looks good.

next still. it's small, i know.

01-31-2009 , 02:33 PM
Midnight Cowboy
01-31-2009 , 02:41 PM
Originally Posted by PyramidScheme The Movie Picture Game
Midnight Cowboy
no. and lol.
01-31-2009 , 02:41 PM
From Wu Tang Clan to Worcester Thanks Julie Newmar (or whatever that was called)