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Re: Mirror Games, Round 5 - Aladdin vs. Fantasia

Man tornado seemed so obvious and then they got it but didn't even remember the tornado in the movie.

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xander biscuits
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Re: Mirror Games, Round 5 - Aladdin vs. Fantasia

sorry for botching this one so badly guys, I couldn't believe it when they were almost picking foam at the end. Thought we might pull victory from the jaws of defeat.

Here's what I was thinking:

marching - 3

Ant, Boot, Bugle. We got 2 out of 3 and a neutral, not the worst start.

grenade - 3

I probably should have gone for a 2, but I didn't want to lose ground on a team that was throwing out 3s and had a turn advantage. You got boom, arm, caught up with bugle and then I was hoping you'd get rip. I knew it was tenuous but you might think RIP once you threw a grenade at someone or even rip out the pin before you throw it. I thought there was a decent chance you didn't get rip but later on with further clues this extra little piece of info might be useful. I wanted to steer clear of clueing film because I thought the blues would guess it. No such luck.

Records - 3

I thought that film would be the most obvious and then you'd get Capital Records (guess it's not as big of a thing as I thought). I made sure to capitalise it for the proper noun, but then I realised that I did that for grenade too by accident so you weren't ever going to think anything of it. It was a big stretch too but I was hoping that you'd somehow think of ripping a movie as being similar to recording it on a disc. That with the combination of grenade I thought it would be the best of a bad lot for you with the possible exception of bolt. Unfortunately you didn't get capital and therefore we didn't get down to that point.

Well guessed guys, I think my clues needed a lot of work. I'm probably a little burned out on the game at the moment and I certainly should have considered a few more possibilities before clueing.

Well played other team.
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