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Heads Up NL Discussion of heads up NL Texas Hold'em cash games

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whats the current state of headsup online poker?

So I've been playing nlh 6max full time for a couple years now. For some reason I recently decided to give HU cash games a go and I really enjoy them actually, maybe because its new and different but I actually have a lot of fun playing as opposed to grinding my regular 6max games. It feels so much easier playing against just one opponent, vs fish my decisions come almost instantly and all their money is mine for the taking without any other regs getting in the way.

I also played a couple regs (the ones that didn't sit out) in order to get an idea of where I stand and having a decent understanding of game theory (imo) the decisions felt pretty natural to me. I feel as though I can hold my own and my stats naturally lined up nearly identically vs some of the other regs and I played quite a long session vs this one reg in particular and I leveled him into doing what I wanted him to quite a few times and finished up 6 buy ins on him (not to sound too results oriented). I just feel like ranges are easier to construct since we only deal with 2 positions. Also not to insult HU players but am I wrong in thinking that skill levels are generally weaker at HU since regs don't deal much with other regs? Cause I know this sounds conceited but I feel as though I had an edge on those 100nl regs I played, whereas at 100nl 6max I'm about average.

So that leads me to wonder, is HU still a profitable format? I remember hearing some stuff not too long ago about how HU is on the verge of death. Ik you guys want to protect your bottom line but in all honesty do you think it would be a +ev move in 2017 for a 6max player to transition to playing some HU or would you advise against it? thanks in advance for answers

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Re: whats the current state of headsup online poker?

As far as postflop goes I don't think there are better players than the HU players. Also, if you want to climb the HU stairs you will have to play against the cartels so a lot of reg vs reg action.
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Re: whats the current state of headsup online poker?

Rake gunna kill you

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