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Heads Up NL Discussion of heads up NL Texas Hold'em cash games

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SNG HT range vs MR

Hi guys.

I began working on HuSNG HT in micro stakes.

I read the mers ebook and it's said somewhere (chapter 13) that against a fish who MR 70% and call a 3bet shove with {A5o+,A3s+,KTo+,QJs,K9s+,anyPPs} you can defend a lot especially by 3bet shoving a lot.

My question is : whit which hands do you prefer 3bet shoving light rather than call a MR preflop? I am pretty sure that I do not want to call whith hands like J3s, T3s, 63s etc. But what about hands like 95s, T6o etc ? I think you need some experience and logic to know what to do with these hands, and I don't have this experience.

To help, in this chapter, there is a matrix in which the autor put the EV of 3bet shoving hands against this opponents so for example you don't want to 3bet shove 72s because the EV of this hand is something about -1bb so equal to fold.

Here is the range I made but as you can see I am a little bit lost about what to do with borderline hands... And I guess of course that your strategy depends on how v is playing postflop, etc...
What are your thoughts ?
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