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Heads Up NL Discussion of heads up NL Texas Hold'em cash games

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Heads Up (HU) Forum Posting Guidelines, FAQ and Essential Reading

By: ChicagoRy, Leader, cwar, mersenneary, and TooCuriousso1

Welcome to the HU Forum! This forum is for HU cash. Let me state this from the beginning please PLEASE convert and tag your posts with the appropriate game and limit. People should be able to know before opening your thread what stake its at and roughly what is going on. Here are some examples:

****Bad Thread titles****
What to do on turn?
Was this a good fold?
3bet pot with top pair

****GOOD Thread Titles****
50NL Top pair facing c/r on the turn
(5NL) Turn decision with flush draw in 3bet pot
5/10 River c/r with bottom pair as a bluff?

The stake/limit the hand was played at MUST be in the title

If you have a theory type post then that's fine of course but if you're posting a hand please follow those ^ guidelines or something similar.

This guide has three main sections:

1. Posting Guidelines – What to post and what not to post.
2. Frequently Asked Questions
3. Essential Reading – Great reading for all posters.



What to post and what not to post

- Posting questions about best sites to play on, training sites, video sites, where to find books and related questions is not allowed in separate threads. You may ask in the ****HU CASH Regs Thread**** or ****General Questions THREAD ****, but first visit the books and publications forum as well as the training site discussion thread before asking your questions. It is likely that the answer lies within those two places.
-Strongly consider posting a hand that exemplifies what you want to know (or make one up) instead of asking a general question.
-BBV type threads will not be tolerated. Do NOT post one hand BBV-style everyday beats, even in HUSNG/Cash Regs Threads - You will receive an infraction.
-HUNL does not allow new threads for personal bankroll questions, questions about which sites have which games (IE 25 hu nl type things), or questions about rake. The HU CASH REGS or Beginner's threads is a perfectly acceptable place to ask any of these questions and you will generally get a better response there than making your own OP.

1. Hands and sessions

Poker is a game of theory and experience applied to a given situation. Many posters have played hundreds of thousands of hands and have studied poker for years, but that does you little good if you don’t explain the situation you’re in. So how to you do this? Well, here are a few tips:

To convert your hands use the inline coverter or:

Try and include a read, this should include:
-Recent hands
-Your image
-Any relevant tendencies

2. Videos

-Videos are a great way to for you to get help with your overall game. Other posters will be able to see the same reads as you, experience hands in the same order and, if you record your thoughts while you play, get inside your decision making process.
Some tips for making and posting videos:

*Making videos requires screen recording software. CamStudio, which is such a program, is available at no cost and is spyware free.
*Upload your video with Megaupload

3. Theory Posts

-Theory posts can come in all shapes and forms but they should be well thought out and complete, preferably including some hand examples and/or specific questions/conclusions.


What are good stats?
Stats really aren't that important and generally cannot tell you if you are doing something wrong HU, this is very different from 6max so keep it in mind, stat posts should generally be put in the Low Content thread.

What should I do if I see a post that is inappropriate?
Please hit the "report post" button, it's the one with the exclamation mark.

How many buyins do I need to move up to the next level in NL?
HU has a bit more variance than other forms of poker. For hu cash, 40 is a general consensus, though well disciplined and/or high successful players use less regularly.

If you have a specific question about this topic, the Low Content thread is a great place to ask it.

What should I use to keep track of my winrate?
Poker Tracker, Tourney manager, Holdem Manager, Poker Tourney, Excel and Sharkscope are all good ways to keep track.

Should I move up?
This topic is hugely dependent on you, lots of posts on your specific situation will not be allowed, use the Beginner's Thread for this.

What’s a good win rate for X limit?
For HU cash 10bb/100 is very good. Questions about winrates and ROIs should go in the Low Content or Beginner's thread.

What is SAGE?
SAGE is an unexploitable system. That means its not optimal and will not win you the most money however it is a very good system to know and understand.

How do I use the 2+2 search engine?
This should help.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed and helped to make this:

If you have any suggestions for future versions, post them in the forum discussion thread above.

Credit to others who have compiled the list so far (most taken from Cwar's original sticky here atm). PM TC any threads you think are worthy of being added to this list.

I'll probably edit this and reformat it but just wanted to get it started.

Psychology/Mental Approach (all relevant to both HUSNG and HU Cash)

Success, Failure, and the Downswinging Mindset
Hince: You Suck at Poker
mjw006: Pooh-bah thoughts

HU Cash

NL2k - nasty spot where all options suck
nl2k deep, I have nuts, I have no nuts (MasterLJ)
Tough spot at NL1k leads to discussion of who sucks
HU Cash Bankroll/Variance Post
Button Raising
NL2k 3b pot tpgk cb gets raised
NL1k-nut flush 160bb deep


Jman's well
MasterLJ's Well
Melanie Weisner's Well
Croixdawg's Well
xSCWx's Well
PrimordialAA's Well
livb112's Well
jungleman's Well
Indy Interview with The Camel
Indy Interview with BCM11
Indy Interview with ThePhenom919
Indy Interview with Stevesbets

HU4ROLLZ Matches
Chemztry vs Gary_Neville
TooCuriousso vs Gary_Neville
Barewire vs entrncdrnr

Best Of: Hilarity
No Money HU Everyone's Solid
Cog Dissonance - You're a Joke
CowboyMarco - Sittin In My Trap
Roshambo LEVEL 6 Thinking
The Dragon - Advanced Roulette Theory (hidden in this section for risk of extreme profit)
Dealing with players with wide 38-bet ranges
Nemo's ?If you see _______ Notify Me"

Playing Poker for a Living: It's a marathon, not a sprint.
rumnchess: A Guide to Live Poker
Protecting Yourself From Malware
Think about Shania
Peter_rus’s Flopping top pair or higher abilities for some hands.
Favorite threads on 2+2
Entity’s When a read is not a read
Krishan’s How to tell if you are running good or bad (Revised v2)
Krishan’s 11 things to help pull out of a downswing...
Classic example of the c/c-c/c (or ILP) line
Ed Miller’s Biggest leaks

Looking for more? Here are additional collections of threads:

User Suggestions I'm Too Lazy to Add
taw420's large collection of 2+2 links

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Re: HU Forum Posting Guidelines and FAQ (Updated 08/29/2010) READ BEFORE POSTING

Made some revisions here, obv there's a lot of cleanup and plenty more to add. Post suggestions in the forum discussion thread, especially with more cash threads.
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Re: LABEL YOUR THREADS CORRECTLY. READ THIS. HU forum rules (updated 9/26/2011)

combined some stuff, too many stickies in here!

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TC please add this thread to the HU4ROLLZ section. This is the sickest yet imo!
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