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Heads Up NL Discussion of heads up NL Texas Hold'em cash games

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Queens facing action

Villain used to be a .25/.50 player then we started playi heads up every day and raised stakes to 5/10 no limit and he's up huge over past few months. He views me as weak toght and I view him as loose aggressive. He's capable of making moves in weird spots in big pots but his overbets have always been the goods as far as I know. This hand was kinda weird and I wanted to give him rope preflop but didn't like how board ran out. Thoughts? Ps he is also capable of slow playing medium to huge hands in spots then betting river.

He auto straddled every opportunity. If I straddle he will double. If I triple he will quad. (Any advice on whether I should try lowering stakes and turning my straddle on to make him more -ev? Or should I just not straddle ?)

I have black queens from big blind of 10. Stacks are around 700 to start hand. I limp. He makes the customary raise to $40. I reraise to $125 all day he calls quick. His range here is very wide to be honest. He rarely folds pre especially to this sizing.

Flop is J85 all spades. I lead $125 and he min raises to $250 very quick. I decide to just call and let him hang himself on turn but maybe versus this player that's not best idea because he tends to check back a lot when he views me as strong hand so feel free to comment on flop play.

Turn is offsuit jack and we both check pretty quick. I'm not thrilled about this turn because a lot of jack x hands are in his range. I honestly would expect a flush to bet this turn and not give me a free look at river but as I said before he does slowplay weird spots in past but im not sure what's going on here when he checks. Maybe he gave up? Let's see

River is an offsuit 2 and I check. Now he shoves all in for about 430. So I tank. And I tank. I tank longer than ever before. He tends to call clock a lot. I have seen him call clock with huge hands before and also with rags bluffing. He doesn't call clock. This is home game hand. His room mate comes down mid tank. He goes outside comes back inside and I'm still in tank. Room mate says wow that's a lot of tanking. Villain says "yeah I'm being friendly. I haven't even called clock yet."

Wtf is going on here? Should we call or nah? For some reason I thought this hand was an overbet but maybe I'm mistaken. Honestly the hand took place over month ago so maybe I got action wrong. There's a chance I just raised preflop to like 90 and he called then I bet flop $125. Either way pot is about the same size. I guess that makes a pretty huge difference range wise for me but pot odds wise not much changes tho.

Call or fold? I'll post results soon.
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Re: Queens facing action

top off to 100bb and straddle buttons

hero fold because of the "yeah I'm being friendly. I haven't even called clock yet." comment
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Re: Queens facing action

I believe I cover him this hand. I cover him every hand. He is the worst poker player of all time.


He likes to buy in for 40 big blinds. Mongoloid. Today we played 2/5 NL he bought in $200. (He cashed out $2100 hours later).
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