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Heads Up NL Discussion of heads up NL Texas Hold'em cash games

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Preflop adjustments to an HU nit?

Hi there everyone,

Long time member, but haven't posted much in the past 10 years (or around Black Friday probably after becoming a live player for most of the last decade). I've slowly been learning HU more and more in the past 2+ years since I feel like I have a reasonable grasp on the game and how it should be played from small/mid/high stakes online (up to $10/20), but I'm no nosebleed expert by any means.

I've recently been approached by a reg online that has usually played the 6 max games with me and now that our site has been slowing down a ton, we've been getting involved in some HU battles over the last couple weeks (Roughly 16k hands sample size so far).

My problem (although I feel like I have a huge edge on him being that I don't feel like he understands even the simplest idea of minimal defense frequency based on raise sizes), is that I feel as though I'm calling too many hands preflop (even though I'm calling the allotted amount of hands against someone who uses the min raise strategy) and even though he's only raising close to 35% of these hands, I feel as though I can't seem to win at showdown as much as I should be lately.

To be more specific, here are his personal stats as of recent.
The stats listed in order from left to right are:

And these are my personal stats as of recent.
The stats listed in order from left to right are:

Obviously, as you can see, there is a huge discrepancy among the number of hands we are playing, raising, and 3betting/4betting/etc. I'm finding myself to be maybe even a little too for him, as I find myself getting stacked when shoving even 100bbs with 99-1010 preflop. Does anyone have any particular idea how I should change my style in regards to a player of this type? I have always been using 2.5x preflop as my default raise size, but like I said, sometimes I feel like I'm getting owned when it comes to showdown hands, but yet, my red line is going through the roof, which is NOT something I'm used to, because as a 6 max player normally, my red line generally ends up long term.

Am I doing anything wrong here? Am I still playing optimally by calling as many hands as I should still be based on his min raise open strategy, but yet, as you can see, is CLEARLY not raising enough hands to be an effective min raiser preflop.

Here is my overall graph of the last 4 times we've played in the past week. As you can see my redline is the only thing making me money, and I'm constantly feeling like I'm losing at showdown.

Thank you for any advice you guys might have on this subject. It will be greatly appreciated.
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