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Heads Up NL Discussion of heads up NL Texas Hold'em cash games

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KK on QQ68 facing checkraise allin overbet

So I started typing a huge essay with background info but something happened and it got deleted. Maybe it's for the best. Long story short villain is drunk and plays wild when drunk. Same villain as these hands:

I just caught him bluffing with what he claimed was 7h3h when I limped QQ to his straddle to 20, he raised to 40 I made it 180 he called. Flop K89 I check call 100. Turn 8 check check. River 9 I check he shoved I called 375 and was good.

He lost 1,000 total so far and rebought another 1,000. Blinds are 5/10 and he just doubled up with TT vs my 77 in reraised pot on 3T7r he check raise overbet turn J and I called and lost.

Most of his overbets are monsters but I have seen him overbet before with bluffs occasionally but I usually just fold to his overbets so I don't have an exact idea of how weighted his range is toward value or bluffs but let's just say he overbets more than I do (which is basically never....I only do it preflop usually to be honest)

I've witnessed him do weird **** in terms of showing cards: e.g. one hand week or 2 ago I limp reraised AA on button he called. Flop was J high he check and called. Turn he shoved for less than pot like 275ish into 350ish on JT37 board. He made a comment like "I hope i don't get counter fitted. I just hope a T or 3 or 7 doesn't come, but I can't tell you which one" and he showed me a Jack. I ended up calling and he had J6 and lost LOL!

Another hand he straddled to 200 @ 5/10 and I look down at AA. I reach for black chips and he says "be careful" and shows me an ace. I raise to 500 he calls. Flop is low cards I bet like 150 he calls. Turn is low card board is like 2375 and I bet like 300 he shoves for like 100 or 200 more I snapcall. He has a8 and loses.

Definitely wild when drinking and has history showing one card in silly spots where he wants a fold but never seen him show one when he overbets. I've seen him do weird stuff like overbet all in preflop KK as first raiser for ~100bb into a tiny pot. His overbets seem weighted toward value but you never know with this guy.

So onto the hand in question:

I have KK and I limp. He raises to 30 and I reraise to 110 total. He says "I guess I'll call."

Flop is QQ6 (two hearts) and he bets 40 I call.
Turn offsuit 8. He checks I bet 95 and he goes all in quick. It's like $1125 more to me.
I go into the tank and he's like "what do you have? AQ? JJ? KK? AA?" I don't tell him but I think I may have said like "if i had aq my money would have been in by now." He has a history of calling clock on me in huge pots and I've made it clear to him that it's terrible ettiquite in a heads up match and I have never called clock on him and I don't plan to but if he is calling clock on me too often I will happily call clock on him every hand. He hasn't called clock on me this session but the fact that he didn't call clock on me makes me a bit concerned he might have a monster. I've seen him call clock with monster vs. me before once with a set when he overbet 2x and I hero called river for 600ish into 300ish with KK and he showed 777 so his clock range isn't 100% bluffs, he is capable of calling clock with monster too I guess lol balance.

So here is where the hand gets weird and the history I just spoke about should start to make sense. He says "88 is good." and I lol. Then he shows a card. It's a 6. He says "oh ****, that's not an 8." Now at this point I alarm bells are going off with the "weak means strong" thing as he's acting but then again it's tough to read this guy.

So we know 50% of his hand. He has 6. Q6 seems unlikely. Why would he fast play Queens full here? Makes little to no sense. Plus preflop seems weird to have Q6 but I can't discount it vs. him. It's a bit less likely than J6 because J6 has a name (J6o is jerking johnny because jack six off lol wtf, but we never named Q6 so he's less likely to give action with it...every other 6 has a name tho basically except maybe A6)

So here is the $1,000 question. Call or fold? It's basically 66 for 6s full or it's a random spazz bluff and he wants me to fold? It's a tough spot. My instinct was to insta-fold to the $1100 raise when it happened but him showing a 6 makes me want to call based on our history. But he is aware of this history obviously so maybe he did that to induce a call. Plus his comment about "oh **** that's not an 8" seemed scary because it seems like a Mike Caro fake tell.

Also for what it's worth when he says something like " xx hand is good " or "yy hand is no good" it's about 50/50 chance that he's telling the truth because I've seen him say it both ways where its lie and sometimes it's true. Tone of voice may be slightly different depending on whether it's true or not but I couldn't get much of a read on his tone.

So any advice is appreciated here. Thanks in advance and I apologize if you don't like how I format my posts. Maybe I'll try to clean up my future posts but I think this post requires all the background hand histories that I added because they were all part of my decision making process.

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Re: KK on QQ68 facing checkraise allin overbet

nobody has any input?
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