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Heads Up NL Discussion of heads up NL Texas Hold'em cash games

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Do you believe in ghosts? Ouija strategy versus blind betting

Villian is the definition of degenerate. He's won >$40,000 from me in past few months playing lots of heads up 5/10 NL doing bizzare stuff like calling my button raise with rags, leading flop then I raise him and he calls with no pair no draw then firing huge bets on turns and rivers that bring in "scare cards" and I make big folds. I mean there is more to the game than that but that's just something he's capable of to show you how crazy he is. But this new level of crazy tops all of that.

He recently purchased or found a small little artifact that looks like a Oujia board piece and has decided that every now and then in our sessions that he will play a "Oujia" hand where he makes a shrieking Oujia scream then puts the artifact on his cards and plays 80% of the hand blind making huge bets on preflop, flop, turn and a large % of the time he'll bet river blind but sometimes he'll look at his cards on river and play accordingly (most time that he looks and bets big it's with a monster e.g. flush etc but of the few times he's done this I don't think he's ever checked back...this Oujia thing is a new thing from past few days anyways so not really sure what he would do if he Oujia'd to river then had air and looked whether he would check back or try to bluff...only time will tell).

So here's a couple huge Oujia hands that went down recently to show how nuts this game is:

Stacks are about 1550ish deep at 5/10 NL and I look at A8o and raise to 60 from BB vs his straddle of 20. He quickly raises to 350 and I tank and shove all in. He looks down and decides **** it I call and we go one time and board reads out like all low cards and I only have Ace high. I table it and I'm good. He later claimed to have had KJ (which made a flush draw on flop I think. idk, and idc honestly as long as he mucks cards and I scoop pot). So he's definately super gambley lately (drug and alcohol induced probably) and willing to call off as a dog just to try to spike a huge pot.

Next hand I had K7suited and limped vs his straddle from BB. I was 10 he was 20. I called the extra 10 and he insta Oujia'd to 350 again. This hand was about 1900~ deep and I tank for a while again and just slide out a stack of black chips $2000. He tanks, runs around the table and eventually says **** it again and calls. One time. Board is AA3AQ and I table my hand and he mucks. Cards fell on my lap mid muck and I saw T8o. No gamble no future.

There were a few other hands where I limped and he Oujia raised to like 200-250ish and I would shove with like AK or 88 and he'd end up folding so he's not giving 100% action clearly but definitely higher amount than he should be. There was a few hands where I had small PP like 55 or 66 and just check called to river on somewhat scary boards but figuring if he's 100% blind I'm likely to win.

Only once can I think that he stayed Oujia when I became agressive. Whenever I made a raise before river he would usually look at his cards and turn Oujia off but one time I had K7 and limped and called his oujia raise. Flop was 872 and I checked he bet small like 20 into 150ish and I raised to 100 straight. He called *blind* and turn was another low card and I checked and called his Oujia bet. River was another low card but may have been a 9 or something. Hell I think the board even read out like 5789 or something like one liner to a gutter straight and I checked and called a near pot size Oujia bet and he tabled AK. But every other time when I got agressive and made a bet or especially if I made a raise to his bet he would look down at his cards and turn Oujia off.

So he's my question. If he continues to Oujia lots of hands in the future, what is best strategy with a real monster hand like QQ,KK,AA preflop? I'm not a math expert on this situation versus blind hands but say we're like 200BB deep again and he makes a huge raise to 35BB pre. Is it in my best interest to just flat pre and check to him on flop and let him fire a huge bet like 60BB? Say that happens, would it be best to just call and check to him on turn and let him fire it off with an overpair like KK & AA or is that too risky because he may decide to look down at cards on turn and just check back if he has some equity e.g. gutshot draws or flush draws etc.

I mean with the right bankroll this game is very very very easily beatable but I'm a bit underrolled lately and he only wants to play 5/10 NL so I'm looking for some strategy on how to win back my losses in the lowest variance way. Should I just be trying to scoop the dead money by making huge re-raised preflop and hoping he folds off $250-350 preflop each time or should I throw some slowplays in with monsters? Thanks.

P.s. no you are no invited into this amazing game lol. Friendliest game in the universe. So much hush money.
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Re: Do you believe in ghosts? Ouija strategy versus blind betting

Does he only ouija on the button?

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Re: Do you believe in ghosts? Ouija strategy versus blind betting

He's a gambler. He likes blackjack and roulette. Apparently people who play those games like the term "let it ride" where they keep the money in the middle on the same bet when they win the bet. So when he wins a Oujia he likes to "let it ride" for at least one hand. So to answer your question, he's capable of Oujia from either position. Of course I prefer when he Oujia from out of position when I have button but most of the times I've played versus Oujia I've had rags on button and just folded. It's a mortal sin to limp in and fold versus a Oujia so when I get two cards below 9 I typically just fold rather than limping and folding to the obvious raise. Oujia has only been going on for a couple days so far so I haven't had any serious Oujia hands where I was button yet to post about but I will update this thread as more Oujia hands happen.
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Re: Do you believe in ghosts? Ouija strategy versus blind betting

wow never heard of this before, pretty crazy and degen villain over here, I guess that the best strategy is to valuetown any decent hand when he is in ouija mode.
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Re: Do you believe in ghosts? Ouija strategy versus blind betting

obv valuetown any decent hand but like is it best to check to him 3 times and let him bet for me with medium hands like maybe 77 preflop when a couple overcards hit or would it be best to like check to him on flop, let him ouijia bet and then c-r when flop is like for example

J 6 2

or just lead big into him and have him turn oujia off? or is it always best to keep his ouija on for as long as possible and print money?

when I get aggressive he usually decides to look at his cards and turn oujia off. but there was one hand recently I had qq and I limped, he oujia raised big to like 80 and I reraised to 300. He tanked, showed the people at the table (we had 2 dealers and one of his friends showed up for a few minutes during this hand) and I saw a 4spades and he shoved all in for like 800 (rofl).

usually when I make an agressive play by betting into him or re-raising at some point he will look but I guess maybe that doesn't apply preflop? rofl
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old hand
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Re: Do you believe in ghosts? Ouija strategy versus blind betting

tl; dr
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