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Heads Up NL Discussion of heads up NL Texas Hold'em cash games

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Old 08-29-2017, 02:52 AM   #1
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How many bots are playing HU NL?

I'm not really interested in the micro/low stakes. But 100NL and all the way up to the highest... how many of these accounts do players in general agree they are bots?

I play in the US, so I think Winning Poker Network is the only one with headsup.

And what are their names?
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Old 09-07-2017, 11:36 PM   #2
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Re: How many bots are playing HU NL?

Who cares bots are terrible at postflop, especially turns and rivers where edges are the biggest. Even Claudico, a champion-level poker AI (CMU always wins the annual HUNL bot completion) was getting exploited like crazy by the humans. Should we really be afraid of a nitty rakeback bot, created by some nobody? Probably not right. I would be a lot more afraid of bots in limit games..
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Old 09-15-2017, 01:06 PM   #3
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Re: How many bots are playing HU NL?

You should refresh your knowledge mate.

Libratus crushed humans with 14bb/100 over 120.000 hands ( Dong "Donger Kim" Kim, Jason "PremiumWhey" Les, Jimmy "ForTheSwaRMm" Chuo és Daniel "dougiedan678" McAulay)

For sure they arent the top4 HU players (only Donger Kim could go there) but still we are talking about high stakes HU pros.

And yes, there are quite a few bots everywhere, though the real problem is humans using GTO softwares while grinding
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Old 09-15-2017, 10:07 PM   #4
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Re: How many bots are playing HU NL?

ya what CS said.

GO on ACR and look at the lobby most days from 100 to 5knl, its just mostly russian or small amount of belarus dudes holding all 4 tables at ea stake most of the time.

I played most of them at 400 - 100 and a few things.

They will play all day if they could...some of them ive played 6k - 7k hands with and we're both losing to rake, red lines for both players around breakeven, but they don't care.

they don't tilt...go back in time to like 2012 2013, if you stack any of these russian regs, you could almost guarantee that next few hands his 3b is 50% and fold to flop cbet a days they are zen masters.

whenever they are losing or redline is dropping, they leave teh table for 20 mins, come back and strat has been changed. ALso, their ranges are constantly changing...i know this is what HU is about, but compare to any regs from ANY other countries at these stakes and the russian players are just so much more adv and so much faster to adjust.

Anyways, maybe they really are humans and they're just sickos? but it all seems pretty shady to me.

Ahh another thing to note, lately all of the suspected bots/gto guys have been buying in for 40bb, I think its to discourage reg action or to lower variance/loss rate with regs? but they all started to do it at the same time, also when this happened i saw on 888 and party 6max tables that the suspected bot accounts were also buying in for 40bb...
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Old 09-28-2017, 04:12 PM   #5
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Re: How many bots are playing HU NL?

It's funny because I contact BOL support and asked them about datamining and they said they are fine with it. (leaving 20 tables open and not even being by the PC just to collect data on opponents).

Personally, it feels like cheating to me.

Although, it's funny because I don't think it's cheating to leave tables open and then go back and read the hand history and take notes. What do you think?

Obviously, if you have GTO programs, that's cheating, but I am a feel player more and have a bigger edge through that, so I personally prefer if people play robotic. IMO all this **** is cheating. I'm just more comfortable with PLO now than NL so I know how people play these days and started playing NL and wondering about it.

Lolregs, what you say about the russian regs definitely sounds like bots (firstly, they are all russian, that's suspicious becuase no one country can dominate poker, and secondly they never tilt? Yeah, back in the day russians had some of the worst tilt control that I remember.)

The thing is, if they are leaving the table when they start losing then they are definitely not botting. But I don't know anything about these GTO programs. That's new to me.
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