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Heads Up NL Discussion of heads up NL Texas Hold'em cash games

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How do I create a strategy?


I've seen In Doug Polk's vlog, that the premise to build a strategy is to valuebet river in a % and bluff in another %, in order to be unexplotable, what I don't know, is how I build backwards the strategy from that premise?, or I play how I learned with the pokerschools in the other streets? I would really like to know how to build my own strategy, but I don't really know how to start this. Can you please help me understand how to build strategies (explotative and unexplotative).


ps: sorry for my english.
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Re: How do I create a strategy?

the ratio is directly dictated by pot odds given betsize lays on the call
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Re: How do I create a strategy?

Learn gto and adjust to your oponents. There is no better "strategie"
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Re: How do I create a strategy?

You are essentially asking, "How do I play poker?"

It's not gonna be a simple answer.

There are books and forums and videos all over about minimum defense frequencies and GTO and the indifference principal and ranges, range advantage, equity distributions and so on.

I think what you are looking for or interested in is how DP arrives at these percentages. He is using a concept known as MDF based on the indifference principal but indifference/MDF is not enough in and of itself because different ranges hit different boards in different ways.

If you want to understand the idea that x% of your range should bluff and x% value bet or that you need to continue with x% given some bet size then you should probably look up videos on the indifference principal as it applies to NLH and you should probably read or watch something that can help you figure out how to adjust those frequencies based on the ranges in play (Range advantage).

You may just want to start with a basic guide to GTO as it applies to poker to get an idea of what any of it really means.

MDF (minimum defense frequencies)
Range Advantage and equity distributions.
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Re: How do I create a strategy?

adjusting is a huge part of it, and in heads up you have to keep pushing your opponent hand after hand.
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