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Heads Up NL Discussion of heads up NL Texas Hold'em cash games

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Re: Does HU ruin your 6-max game?

Originally Posted by daveSafe View Post
hu taught me how to bluff off my stack more. probably not that great for 6max.
I've actually played about 5k six max hands lifetime, long enough ago that I don't remember playing the hands in my db, but that's enough to present some evidence that the above quote is true. Also, intuitively, the facing-bet ranges should be much stronger in a lot of spots. That sucks because it eliminates one of the big edges vs weak players.

OTOH, that would imply that, because the ranges are stronger, rando-calling pure bluffcatchers at 6-max would be even less profitable than the sh*t-eating exercise that it is at HU. You might then assume the population would get a septic taste in its mouth and knock it off. But low-stakes poker populations aren't always that clever.
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Re: Does HU ruin your 6-max game?

It's the same for me here, after playing heads up I no longer want to play anything else. I think that you just enjoy playing everyhand and seeing how it turns out. When I sit down in tournments I become bored because the action is so slow.
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