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Heads Up NL Discussion of heads up NL Texas Hold'em cash games

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Post #1. Posting Guidelines/Rules
Post #2. Best threads of HUNL

This forum is for HUNL cash, there is now a separate forum for HUSNGS.
Let me state this from the beginning PLEASE convert (google: hand history converter--there are tons of them) and tag your posts with the appropriate game and limit. People should be able to know before opening your thread what stake its at and roughly what is going on. Here are some examples:

****Bad Thread titles****
What to do on turn?
Was this a good fold?
3bet pot with top pair

****GOOD Thread Titles****
50NL Top pair facing c/r on the turn
(5NL) Turn decision with flush draw in 3bet pot
5/10 River c/r with bottom pair as a bluff?

The stake/limit the hand was played at MUST be in the title

If you have a theory type post then that's fine of course but if you're posting a hand please follow those ^ guidelines or something similar.
Theory posts can come in all shapes and forms but they should be well thought out and complete, preferably including some hand examples and/or specific questions/conclusions. Do not post threads like "what should I do against someone who 3bets a lot?" No one is going to enjoy reading that and it clogs up the forum and takes away from better threads that are actually fostering discussion.

Other posting rules:

-HUNL does not allow new threads for personal bankroll questions, questions about which sites have which games or the best games, questions about rake/beat-ability of a site/limit, training site questions, is 44 a good hand, and related questions.

However you may ask about such topics in the following threads:
****HU CASH Regs Thread****
****General Questions THREAD ****

Chances are they've already been asked/answered before: search the threads.
A good rule of thumb is if your question can be answered in 3 or fewer replies it probably doesn't need it's own thread.
Also consider visiting the books and publications forum as well as the training site discussion thread.

-BBV type threads will not be tolerated. Do NOT post one hand BBV-style everyday beats, even in HU Cash Regs Threads.

Other frequently used threads:

***Official HU skype group/looking for a study partner***
Play Money HU----Improve your game without any risks
**Official HU(4ROLLZ) Action Thread**

Contributions from: ChicagoRy, Leader, cwar, mersenneary, and TooCuriousso1

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Re: .

Credit to others who have compiled most of the list. PM me or post itt any threads you think are worthy of being added to this list.

Best threads pertaining to HUNL:

Psychology/Mental Approach (all relevant to both HUSNG and HU Cash)

Success, Failure, and the Downswinging Mindset
Hince: You Suck at Poker
mjw006: Pooh-bah thoughts

HU Cash

HU cash, you always have AA.
NL2k - nasty spot where all options suck
nl2k deep, I have nuts, I have no nuts (MasterLJ)
Tough spot at NL1k leads to discussion of who sucks
HU Cash Bankroll/Variance Post
Button Raising
NL2k 3b pot tpgk cb gets raised
NL1k-nut flush 160bb deep


Jman's well
MasterLJ's Well
Melanie Weisner's Well
Croixdawg's Well
xSCWx's Well
PrimordialAA's Well
livb112's Well
jungleman's Well
Indy Interview with The Camel
Indy Interview with BCM11
Indy Interview with ThePhenom919
Indy Interview with Stevesbets

HU4ROLLZ Matches
Chemztry vs Gary_Neville
TooCuriousso vs Gary_Neville
Barewire vs entrncdrnr

Best Of: Hilarity
No Money HU Everyone's Solid
Cog Dissonance - You're a Joke
CowboyMarco - Sittin In My Trap
Roshambo LEVEL 6 Thinking
The Dragon - Advanced Roulette Theory (hidden in this section for risk of extreme profit)
Dealing with players with wide 38-bet ranges
Nemo's ?If you see _______ Notify Me"

Playing Poker for a Living: It's a marathon, not a sprint.
rumnchess: A Guide to Live Poker
Protecting Yourself From Malware
Think about Shania
Peter_rus’s Flopping top pair or higher abilities for some hands.
Favorite threads on 2+2
Entity’s When a read is not a read
Krishan’s How to tell if you are running good or bad (Revised v2)
Krishan’s 11 things to help pull out of a downswing...
Classic example of the c/c-c/c (or ILP) line
Ed Miller’s Biggest leaks

Looking for more? Here are additional collections of threads:

User Suggestions I'm Too Lazy to Add
taw420's large collection of 2+2 links

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