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Posts: 22 taxes question


Does Italians have to pay taxes on ? Or is it tax free ?

thanks alot
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Re: taxes question

The Italian poker sites have to pay 20% of their gross revenues in a levy to the Italian government.

This is not directly paid by the players but likely affects rewards and rake. for instance typically rakes 5.5% rather than 5% at .com and caps the rake at a higher level €3 not €2 (5-10 players, NL above €0.10/€0.25).

As for Italian personal taxation, sorry I have no idea, all I have is the UK media which seems to think that pretty much all Italians are tax avoiders. Even the redditometro introduced to try and stop avoidance is presented as a symptom of Italian tax dishonesty.
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Old 04-26-2013, 12:47 AM   #3
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Re: taxes question

Italians need to pay tax from non-italian sites (that are blocked but pretty sure legal to play) most likely including the eu. Pretty sure the .it is tax free and in a way they are already paying tax, even when they lose. Italians never have forums anywhere but in Italy it seems.
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Old 11-21-2014, 11:27 PM   #4
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Re: taxes question

Is Italy legislation about to change in the future regarding taxation on poker winnings ? I recently read an article about Italian poker pros in trouble with tax administration....

I'm considering moving to Italy. If I go I was told I will have to delete my account is it true ? That would piss me off because I want the option of coming back home.

What vpp/hand do you get at 100nl playing like 21/18 ?

Ive been observing the lobby and it seems like at 100nl+ the games run full reg a lot... what's up ? All Italians fish are broke already ?

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Old 11-22-2014, 04:15 AM   #5
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Re: taxes question

I read one plays tax free there up to 10k euro, though not sure if the whole 10k is then also taxed. Spain has something similar, up to 5k if one has no other incomes, less if also other incomes but i dont remember the numbers.

In italy remote gambling at non italian licensed sites is illegal, there being an old law about it i think already from before internet times.
U need a new account if living in italy, and u will be limited by law to italian sites only. Coming back, one naturally gets under that countrys laws and plays w eg. .com, with the old account re activated most likely, or a completely new account.

The rake in italian sites is some .20 higher and their vips might also be lower. There is still italian fish below 100 levels, many playing also at illegal sites, thats risky as as soon the tax people get to know because of country agreements or they become a part of .it, they have legal issues even if they didnt win anything.

It makes little sense to move in italy until they become a part of .com, though even then they might stick with their too high rakes, that need not be that high as far as 20% gross tax says, compared to other eg. pokerstars sites with that or 15% gross tax, after vips i think, where the rake is still .com level, just the vips are cut some, but nothing serious.
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Old 11-23-2014, 12:38 PM   #6
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Re: taxes question

During evenings one rates to get enough action at nlh. The games are in euros, and the vips might be okay, so its not that bad.
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