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Poker - Game of chance OR Skill

Hi Guys,

I am standing to trial in my country (Israel) in related to poker, the country says poker is a game of chance, and I am trying prove the game is a skill game.

the court asked me to provide a research about the world, and how other countries are looking at the question, I know we had a lot of cases in US, and other places, so I wanted to know if someone here can help get all of that info?

specially the case in Sweden, and in general Europe and far east, which I cant find myself.

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Re: Poker - Game of chance OR Skill

The proving has had some success, but it doesn't include the vast majority of recreational player in cash and tourneys, as the variance doesn't catch up, making it a game of chance.

Other than that there are some tourney tracking sites (SharkScope) and the Russian invite only tracking site for cash but it isn't catching anywhere near all hands I read (that can be a problem). Then there are some variance formula theories that should not be hard to get. There has been high-level research (don't know where) and the bot stats exist somewhere (where they develop those bots, like in some uni) that might be meaningful.

Almost forgot: there are also variance vs. win rate simulations, not just math. Don't know where but I have seen them.
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Re: Poker - Game of chance OR Skill

I think had no sense to try to show in a court that is a skill game or a luck game.

If judge thinks is a luck game, then propose him to play against you 10.000 hands in heads up (if you are a skilled player)

If judge thinks that is a skilled game, then propose him to play 10 hands against your grandmother at very high stakes level (and tell her that she must push every hand)
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