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Poker + betting sports in Lithuania

Hi, could any Lithuanian pro say a word on that? I know you can play poker technically. Is it fully legal? grey zone? You pay taxes? or tax free? Need resident status? And how about online betting sports?
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Re: Poker + betting sports in Lithuania

There's a law against operating an online gambling site (poker, sportsbets, etc) without having a physical residence in LT. Hence most of the sites are blocked here.

However there is no law for a citizen to play on a gambling site. So if you can reach the "blocked" site then technically you can play, get income, declare it and pay taxes. The companies don't really care about this LT law cause it contradicts some EU laws so they just register new domains (triobet for example has 30+ domains already). Pokerstars for example has its URL blocked but you can connect with client no problem if you can download it somehow. ISPs don't care too much either so you can just change your DNS server and bypass all the blocking overall, no need even for a VPN.

The deposits/cashouts aren't regulated or tracked. But if you treat poker as your job you should pay some taxes. There's an option to declare your winnings and pay 15% "gambling winnings tax" or register yourself as "individually practicing sportsman" and pay ~17%. The latter is treated as legal income and you get some healthcare benefits.

I guess you can call it grey zone anyway cause you never know what the government can think of any day.
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