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Poker Legislation & PPA Discussion hosted by Rich Muny Discussions of various poker-related laws and steps players can take to push for better laws.

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Post Peer Reviewed Studies on Online Gambling

Hi guys,

I'm a longtime lurker here at 2+2, just haven't posted much. I basically fell completely out of the poker community post Black Friday. I check in occasionally and take part in the Action Plans but have been lax on that even in recent history.

Anyhow, I'm doing a speech for a Communications Studies course and was wondering if there was a treasure trove of resources regarding online gambling that anyone knows of? I've actually found a lot of information but more never hurts. I'm leaning towards the argument that prohibition worsens the negative impacts of online gambling by pushing the industry underground where the lack of regulation allows problem gambling to run rampant. I'd also like to explore the angle that the current state/federal legislation mixture creates such a confusing legal landscape that many users genuinely do not know what is allowed and what is prohibited. I'd like to include the fact that much of the legislation out there involves the funding of online gambling accounts rather than online gambling itself.

Obviously, as my research goes on I'm up for changing my tactics and topics a little. Just trying to get my foot in the door and find out what all is out there. Thanks for any help.
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