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Poker Legislation & PPA Discussion hosted by Rich Muny Discussions of various poker-related laws and steps players can take to push for better laws.

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Overcoming Congressional Opponents to Legalizing Online Poker

I realize this forum isn't about political debates. However, I think it is fair to state that influencing politicians favorably is critically important. TwoPlusTwo obviously has a substantial stake in getting online poker legalized at the national level. Personally I'd love to see it happen. UIGEA was a mild disaster for me in all honesty.

I realize that Rich Muny isn't a TwoPlusTwo employee but it is clear that he views this site as an effective way to help in the struggle to overcome political opposition to legalizing online poker. So towards that end, I have to wonder if the TwoPlusTwo website is putting its "best foot forward" in promoting poker as a game of skill. The strategy forums, the forums regarding venues, forums about health, etc. all do a great job of promoting poker. However, there are other forums where quite frankly are quite detrimental towards influencing politicians in my view. For instance, would you really feel comfortable inviting Attorney General Sessions, Congressman Jason Chaffetz to this site and read the politics forum for instance. Allow me to point out a post in this forum that I read:

Originally Posted by ScreaminAsian View Post
States' rights are only a thing when it enables institutional suppression of minorities. Sessions and the current congress WILL move to ban online poker and throw live poker players in jail.
Let me add this:
10th Amenment
The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.[5]
Clearly there is a Constitutional dividing line between federal and state jurisdictions. "States Rights" arguments are all about the 10th Amendment. The poster I quoted is a regular poster in the politics forum but clearly his post implies that arguments based on the 10th Amendment are racist.

I invite anyone who really cares about influencing politicians favorably to visit the Politics Forum and ask themselves what Congressional leaders would think of the posts that are being made there. Then we have the Other Other Topics forum. Sometime examine the online dating forum and the blatant misogyny that goes on in that thread.

Sadly there are at least several forums on this site where hate and misogyny are rampant. The hatered and misogyny are not only enabled but very often encouraged. In my view that kind of content is totally counter productive to the effort in getting online poker legalized. That sad part is that the rules are in place to actually foster healthy debates based on content. The hatred and misogyny are totally unnecessary. Are the extra "eyeballs" that these forums bring to the site really worth it? I'd speculate that site traffic would increase dramatically if online poker was legalized.

I applaud and support your efforts to change things with online poker. However, the TwoPlusTwo web site has too much forum content that is very counter productive towards that end. Thanks for your consideration.

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Rich Muny
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Re: Overcoming Congressional Opponents to Legalizing Online Poker

I don't know that censoring other parts of 2+2 would be value-added. I have heard the very rare comment regarding the contents of various poker forums, but they have come from people who would oppose poker regardless.

I'm not sure why you called out ScreaminAsian's post. While I don't agree with his take on the Tenth Amendment, he's certainly entitled to his opinion and I can't imagine a lawmaker feeling otherwise.

I do think it's important to keep in mind that the Poker Legislation forum is public-facing and to try to keep our dialog respectful. As one of the moderators here, I do moderate to maintain a certain standard, but fortunately the culture of Poker Legislation is one of decent decorum and respectful discussion.
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Re: Overcoming Congressional Opponents to Legalizing Online Poker

so your upset that someone pointed out the politicization of the reserve clause, and your response is censorship? I'm sure if I search through your post history I won't find any post directed at the previous administration that would be detrimental towards the image of 2p2 and the fight for legalized poker over the past 8 years .

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