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Red line vs Blue line Red line vs Blue line

12-06-2021 , 03:26 PM
What's the general thought on Red Line vs Blue Line? Obviously we want both the be high but I continue to struggle with WSD (usually in the 49% range) while I have recently been a winning player over all (last 25,000 hands) and my Red Line is killer.
12-07-2021 , 04:25 PM
Green line is all that matters.

I have always had a slightly losing redline and a strong blue line. And any attempts to increase my redline generally resulted in my blue line (and green line) taking a giant dump because I get caught bluffing more and pay off more value bets.

The players in your games will determine if your redline or blueline is more important. If you are in a good fishy game, your winning will come taking people to value town and increasing the blue line. In a tougher game, or a nitty game, your profit will come from people folding too much to you.