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Professional poker (online) Professional poker (online)

09-17-2021 , 02:30 PM
We are debating in another poker forum about what is the optimal bankroll needed to play professionaly to say on nl50. We are assuming that this will be our only income. I am saying that at least 100 buy ins will be needed. Well the other guy is making jerk off out of me and say this is way too nitty and that i am crazy. That 20-30 buy ins are more than enough. That i should post in 2+2 and see that here you will tell me the same. So i post it.

Who is right and who is wrong?
09-17-2021 , 02:40 PM
30 should be fine if you have the skill level
09-17-2021 , 03:28 PM
Yeah, it depends on your win-rate and living expenses mostly. This is unanswerable without knowing that. 20 BIs is very reasonable if you are a good player on a soft site and in an area with a low cost of living. Could even get away with less in optimal circumstances as long as you're willing to move down.
09-19-2021 , 08:16 PM
some empirical data:
win rate 7.6bb/100
hands: 52,000
total win: 40 buy ins
biggest drawdown: 5 buy ins
09-19-2021 , 08:22 PM
professional bankroll means can't go bust. 30 BI is too short if you can't move down.
10-21-2021 , 08:57 AM
It depends. There aren't really any absolute rules surrounding bankroll management. There are a lot of intangibles in play. Like what happens if you bust? Can you just go get a job? Are you in a poor country where entry level work pays $1 / hr? What are your marketable skills?
10-21-2021 , 09:14 AM
It’s really a matter of how much risk of going bankrupt you are willing to tolerate. The only bankroll that makes that risk absolutely zero is an infinite one. Any finite bankroll will give at least some risk of going bust. Larger rolls carry smaller risk.

The rule of 30 buyins is generally for a player with a decent win rate to reduce the risk of busting to less than 1%. If that’s low enough risk for you, then 30 buyins is big enough. If you want to reduce your risk still further, then a bigger roll is appropriate. Only you can answer the question of how big a bankroll you need. There is no one single correct answer.
11-03-2021 , 03:26 AM
20 buy ins is enough. Unpopular opinion.
11-08-2021 , 09:11 AM
Even 10 buy ins can be enough, imo.

If your true WR is 5bb+ with a relatively low std dev, it should be very unlikely that you hit a 10bi downswing right when you start the journey.