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11-27-2021 , 02:52 PM
Hi, my name is Victor I am from Romania and I play poker for quite some time now (maybe 3-4 hr a day for the last 4 months). I believe that I play solid poker and have a good understanding of the fundamentals. My problem in poker is tilt especially winners tilt. I have a lot of sessions where I would win the first 2k hands and then in an act of pure ******ants, I will be losing 2,3,4, or 5 BI because I think I am invincible. I used to play tired a lot and that was affecting me too.

I am trying to do this challenge because I need to be accountable for what I do when I play poker. I know that I have the skill and the drive to make it in poker but I need to work on my mental game. I will start this challenge with a bankroll of 34$ and if needed I can deposit 500$ more if I will lose the initial sum. This will be my last attempt to be a winning player in poker because if I will not be able to fix my mental game I believe it will be pointless to continue.

My goals for this challenge:

-2k-2.5k hands deppending on mood
-5/bb per 100 target
-10/bb per 100 dream goal
-Study at least 30 min per day
-Concentration and discipline
-Check mental every 250 hands
-30k hands then revalute if i can move to 10NL

I will make a post evey week with an update with my progress and i will rate my performance based on 4 categories. I will give myself a grade and an explication for it.
Mental game
Technical game
12-04-2021 , 06:41 AM
sal, u cant beat 5nl zoom for 5bb, if u are good you will be between -3bb and 1bb...
you can start playing regular tables for the profit and zoom to play a harder game and learn theory and standard play faster.
for example 5nl regular tables and 2nl zoom.
i think because of your beginner problems with mindset etc. which happen to all new players you
are better off grinding 2nl zoom until you get used to grinding and to all the pshycological stuff that can
happen during a session.
i also advise you that it will be years until you wont tilt anymore or find yourself in tough spots mentally
because there are many many spots you have not discovered yet, and thus many new opportunities to tilt.
if u expect to make a living from playing poker online just quit now, adica lucreaza la un job normal
si in paralel joaca poker, dar nu cum vezi ca joaca astia dedicati ci in timpul liber cand ai chef si cat ai chef
si regleaza miza in functie de cat de bine joci azi sau ce stil ai chef sa joci.
adica structureaza mai mult emotional, si nu te mai gandi la miza, joaco pe cea mai mica pana cand stii mai multe
despre poker gen, ca sa nu iti afecteze jocul niste tinte niste castiguri care oricum nu conteaza, ca oricum
sunt super putini bani. o sa vezi si o sa stii cand esti pregatit sa castigi mult. important e sa nu te blochezi sa te plafonezi
pe un stil de joc, sa nu mai gandesti ce faci. ca asa fac multi tot asa cu goaluri si targeturi ca tine si ca sa tot creasca ca sa
tot creasca isi fixeaza mult jocul pe niste strategii anume generale care ii ajuta sa bata miza fara sa-si puna intrebari prea multe,
pana ajung la un downswing sau cresc miza prea mult si din orgoliu nu renunta sa joace pana nu dau faliment la miza aia, si fara sa
fi invatat nimic din tot ce au jucat.