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Trips vs OOP DONKbet Backdoor Flush River board

Table has been loose.

Villan: Passive and nitty reg. playing 1500
Me: Tight Passive preflop / Aggressive post flop image. playing 880

Preflop: 2 limp i raise TT 50. Villan calls quickly.

Flop: JT3s check, I bet 100. He calls quickly, I put him on KQ or AJ+

Turn: JT3s 5s . I bet 230. He thinks for a bit and calls. ( I bet too quickly, nervous, didn't really think about my remaining chips, didn't think about how much in the pot: 300). Wanted to price the draw correctly and make him error on other hands.

River: 2s JT3s5s2s He donk bets into me 400, I only have 100 left.

I instantly consider backdoor flush as possible. But I think this play online is an automatic call usually, but i usually play 6 max online.

Could I have gotten away from this hand?

He showed 89s, which never even crossed my mind as being possible in his range. Maybe I incorrectly categorized him as a nit.

Let me know your thoughts Flop turn river, thanks in advance!
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Re: Trips vs OOP DONKbet Backdoor Flush River board

River is obviously a call with only $100 left, ur sizing is what got u into trouble. If flush got there on turn betting is horrible because if u get raised u r hoping to fill up. Live always plays different than online. As far as getting away from a set when BDFD gets there i would say yes if player seems str8 forward, however this hand went bad as u were making bets without knowing pot size or taking stack into account.
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