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Medium-High Stakes PL/NL Discussions about medium-high stakes pot-limit and no-limit hold'em (2-4 and up)

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Carpal \'Tunnel
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Re: Official Numbers Thread for Settling Sports Discussions

Just want to say that all the excuses are ridiculous wes and you know it. You made bets literally months ago and still have not paid them after ample time to do so. You are in the wrong and you know it. People have bent over backwards tryinf to find a solution. None of us buy any of your nonsense and are going to be fully behind the website should it really need to come to that. Do what every other non-scumbag who has gotten in over their head has done and make a plan you can afford and stick to it. In addition to stealing from people now you are just wasting their time as well.

Bottom line is guys like sterfry and jcohen got in over their heads but they came up with a plan to pay and did it even if there were some setbacks. I respect that even though they made mistakes. What I don't respect is you still trying to angle valuable members of the thread after paying almost nothing for months. It's despicable and you should be ashamed of yourself.
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