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Calling range vs average Co raise and Mp raise


Usually when i'm in cutoff or button and face a raise from an unknown player/ average #3 seat/ Hijack and vs a raise from #4 s eat.. MP 1 I usually fold hands like Kq off, .. will only call with like ak off, pair of 77's or better in general.. .. prob ak and Ajs, and aqs.

I will only call with small pairs and suited connectors if spr is going to be at least ten or higher for pairs, and 20 for suited connectors with no gap or a gap or two... Ten for Sc's with one gap or two if I think player has low go to showdown % 25% or higher.

Should i also be calling with sc's with one or two gaps when Spr will most likely end up being Twenty or higher for value?
LIke 86s or 85s?

What does average player raise from the Hijack? what % or hands?
and MP 1 seat, Mp 2 seat, and Mp 3 seat?
Can somebody give me average player's range in these positions?
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Re: Calling range vs average Co raise and Mp raise

Something like this isn't an easy answer. Because there are lots of factors. How deep someone is. The type of players to come. How many players to come. Your table image.

In the end this is where the part of the game we Call "feel" comes from. The experience of taking previous hands and knowledge to moving forward. We can't give you an exact line in the sand of what hands you should be raising from any positions. What hands you should be 3 betting. But since you are asking I am assuming you are newer and in the void area of your game where your unsure and likely play 1/2 and 1/3.

So the best way to do this is play your better range and only go for value. There is also value in the fact if it's folded to you to steal the blinds. Usually a player analyzes how good There results from bb/100 hands. By stealing blinds from weak players in late position when folded to you.

So if you want some advice. Play tighter, bet for value, rarely bluff until you feel comfortable making different moves. Use simple math to analyze to call with you draws properly. So analyze your outs vs made hand.

After that try to experiment and analyze your bet sizing to get value from the opponents. Other than that it's hard to give you what you need to know right now on how to be a winning player.

Only other advice I could give is play and talk with friends who also play. Just like we do on here. Discussion on poker is the best way to improve and hear different lines to take to maximize winnings or minimize losses. Maybe try joining a poker training site.
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Re: Calling range vs average Co raise and Mp raise

I forgot to answer beginning question.

When you are in early position or in the blinds, better to play the higher part of your range. Playing only better hands and going for value. That also means not donk betting out. This is some of the most common lost value. You flop a pair and bet giving raiser easy way out. If anything check call or check raise.

When you get into late position then you can play some more experimental hands.

The power of position is huge in poker because you control the action so you can profitably play more experimental hands in late position. But still since you seem your just getting into poker stick to a range that is still tighter.

Then while your playing and learning make friends to talk poker with and you will slowly get better.
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