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"Ban me! Ban me!" "Ban me! Ban me!"

03-31-2023 , 12:39 AM
14 days plz

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04-30-2023 , 03:41 PM
30 days please
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05-18-2023 , 09:16 PM
ban me please spend too much time on here lol
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05-31-2023 , 03:55 PM
Could I get 2 month pls?
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07-08-2023 , 08:52 PM
14 days plz
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07-13-2023 , 06:36 AM
2 months please
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07-17-2023 , 07:03 AM
May I please get my self-imposed ban revoked? There's a lot of people here that I've missed and I'd like to return and get my self-imposed ban revoked and reconnect with old friends. I'm also playing poker again and would love to make use of the great resources here and contribute as well, and I'd like to return to contributing to CTH.

Check out this great Psychology thread I just made! This contains some very good, helpful, and profitable information for new players looking to improve their poker game!

Last edited by JamesJumpingSpider; 07-17-2023 at 07:10 AM. Reason: I emailed Bobo a couple days ago but haven't head anything back - LirvA
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08-17-2023 , 08:44 AM
1 month plz
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08-20-2023 , 05:57 AM
Long time listener - first time caller.

Lot going on this week, so removing this distraction will certainly help. A couple politics posters will consider this a gift, and to be fair - they probably deserve it.

Thus, 1 week self ban please.

Thank you in advance and have a great week.
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09-16-2023 , 08:45 AM
3 days please
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