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Making bot allegations / harming sites reputation


I'm on the fence whether I want to keep my iPoker bot list-thread up.
I did all of the investigative work myself since I knew exactly what to look for. I had chat with Paul Otto and he gave me more things to look for. He is known bot investigator.

I don't wish to reveal this data since:
a) bot developers can use it to modify their bots so they become less detectable
b) I don't wish to explain to fellow regs how 5bb+ mid stakes bot operates. Obviously the bot is filled with winning strategies.
c) If 200nl+ bots are modified, the future of detecting bots looks really dark for all bots across stakes

I got PM by someone saying that I could be sued for defamation.
I was angry when I wrote the post, but now mod deleted the exaggerated and offensive parts.

There's 2 sides to this:

1) Poker site cannot be allowed to operate 10+ bots and peer pressure is needed so it doesn't continue. I'm the voice for this issue.
2) The bot list can hurt sites reputation and lead to financial losses due to players cashing out or recreationals players googling "x + bots"

I'm making subjective allegations. I believe personally that every single player on that list is cheating. I can tell very easily when gameplay of a bot deviates too much from that of a "normal human reg". I know exactly what to look for and I have to be consistent with my findings before I make allegations.
My detection method consisted of stat analysis and comprehensive database analysis to look for hands.

I have tried to get in contact with very 2 advanced players who could verify my investigation, but they haven't responded to me. If high level 2+2 people want to look at my findings, I can share my findings and you can comment on that thread.

So we're in a situation where only I, fishtankz, makes the bot allegations by himself.
The list I gave is also very big which surprised many people but it also makes the allegations much bigger.

What is the legal side of this issue? Can they attack me for making those claims? Now it's been modified to use the words "Suspected bots".
Is it up to 2+2 to take the reputation risk and keep thread alive? If they want the thread down, do they contact 2+2 and request to have it deleted???
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