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Let's try out our new mobile-friendly design! Let's try out our new mobile-friendly design!
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I like it and I'm gonna switch to it in the future.
26 28.57%
The new theme is fine but I will stick with the old one.
15 16.48%
I don't like the new theme and I'm gonna use the old one.
50 54.95%

12-03-2021 , 02:38 AM
Originally Posted by Max Let's try out our new mobile-friendly design!
Can you elaborate a bit on why you find it so horrible?

We gonna add more themes in the near future. A dark theme will be added ASAP.

Your feedback could be valuable and might help us fix things in a new theme.
My major complain is the absence of the left side panel where you can expand all the sub forums, it's an easy way to go wherever you want.

Other complains that annoy me:

- The slightly rounded font
- The lack of info underneath my username, like the last time visited, hour, and how many messages are unread
- The lack of green or gray light depending if the user is online edit: already saw it
- I don't like the new stars for the rated threads, the yellow/gold ones made the thread look way more worthy to read than now.

Just to look at it makes me feel like I am not at Two Plus Two anymore, maybe i'm being nostalgic, but it does not feel right. But deffo the worst thing is being forced to switch, as i said, so i hope that does not happen.