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Re: ATF Chatroom, for O/T chat

Originally Posted by Videopro View Post
We allow folks to recover accounts for reasons like they no longer have access to their registered email address but once the account is hacked or causes harm, generally no.
Friday at noon Liam Scarlett was still the choreographer of the Ballet "Frankenstein" at the Royal Danish Theater. Later that day he was suspended by the theater due to allegations of indecent behavior towards women at the theater in 2018. After receiving the news Liam went home and killed himself. Liam was 35 years old. In yesterdays game between Parma and Cagliari, Parma was leading 3-2 after 91 minutes (a football game is 90 mins + a few mins of overtime). The win could have helped them secure their participation in league A for next year. 120 seconds later the game was over, they lost 3-4. Wednesday next week the bars/restaurants in Denmark will reopen after being covid-closed since october last year.
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