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Should Verbal bets be enforced in online poker Should Verbal bets be enforced in online poker

01-12-2010 , 11:27 PM
Instead of clicking the raise button to bet when playing poker. Lets say you simply write in chat

: I Raise, to 750.
I Fold
I call your 100, and raise you One Million.

I think you should be able to announce your action using chat and making that enforced and ruled as a bet. It makes it seem more real like a live game
01-12-2010 , 11:28 PM
Im not saying clicking buttons to raise should be gone. I am just saying they should add in that you can bet when you type in chat what your action is gonna be
01-12-2010 , 11:30 PM
Dumbest thread so far this year right here. Rating it 5 stars obv.
01-12-2010 , 11:30 PM
seems like a pretty revolutionary idea actually. Not sure why it isnt already being implemented
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