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Marc Klang Owes Me k Marc Klang Owes Me k

06-28-2009 , 08:31 PM
MOD NOTE 9/15/09: The following has been resolved with a complete payback of the money, all the posts in the thread have been deleted except for the direct exchanges by the two involved

This could be a long, drawn out story but I will try to keep it concise. Went to vegas with <3k and when I got there was told by Marc Klang that we would split my cash game action 50/50. 50% of losses will be made up by him and he would recieve 50% of my profit. I have made him pretty good money in the past being backed 100% by him and never had any serious problems on the money end.

Marc Klang has staked me before and he assured me he had several thousand that his girlfriend was holding for him so I was not wary at the time. I even loaned him 250$ when he first got there because he said one of his good friends needed a few bucks and thinking I was doing him a favor I obliged. I should also include he owed me $300 from a NYC game where I lost a little bit a couple weeks prior.

This was clearly a bad decision and in the end I was taken advantage of by DietPepsi13, also uses the sn klaching as well as numerous others that I may be unaware of. He plays on stars as YaNaNas and other names. I ran pretty cold for the first few days and when i tried getting in touch with him he would not answer my calls or texts. My bag with my personal belongings was in his room and for 36 hrs i txtd and called him to no avail. Finally he texts me saying im chilling at the pool i cant hear you...i txt back saying i really need my bag and that it obviously isnt right that he will not take a minute to call me and tell me what is going on. He texts back 5 hrs later saying my bag is at valet and hes on his way to the airport. No apology for making me wait around for 2 days, no sorry I lost all my money and was freerolling you hoping you would win but bc I lost you are **** out of luck, nothing.

This is simply a psa to let anyone who reads this know Marc Klang is a lying, thieving, scumbag and that he should NEVER be trusted when it comes to anything involving money or your well being. He knew the position I was in and that I had very little money, but instead of being truthful he conned me into thinking I would be ok if I went broke because he had my back and could stake me for up to 2k. I would not have been playing 2/5 buying in for $500 or more with such a small amount to work with. I lost a total of 5 buy ins at 2/5 and several 300$ buy ins at 1/2 and 1/3 plo. I also played a couple of tournaments that didnt work out either and the total he owes me is greater than $2k. I tried even saying if he could give me 1 or 1.5k i would call it even but he ignored that also.

There is probably a better forum to post this in but bbv4l will probably enjoy the misery and degeneracy in this story so **** Marc Klang and I hope he reads this and pays up the money he owes. I even told him if he just apologized I wouldnt post anything about it but he couldnt even muster up a sorry. Well played Marc you really ****ed not just yourself this time but me also.

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06-28-2009 , 10:46 PM
lol, sucks that it came to this. about 10% of this story is true. I am about to fall asleep as I have a 9am test tomorrow but after getting a text from Max to "google my name" I guess i better atleast shed some light.

Max was found playing table games with a significant portion of his roll -- at this time i broke off any agreement we had, and communication because I felt lied to. I have several trades in this forum and just sold NBA finals and Eastern conference finals tickets to people. I wont go into more detail for now but will post these two receipts from my wallet. If i was so broke and couldn't afford to pay max they certainly wouldn't be there.

06-28-2009 , 10:56 PM
found playing table games?? haha such a blatant lie - i was with your friend Eddie watching him play roullette for several hrs after losing $300 that you said we should put on the craps table with your other friend. That $300 is the only money lost on a table game which was your idea not mine - that still only accounts for $150 of the money you owe me.

Also if this is true why did you dodge my phone calls and text messages for such a long period of time? Clearly you are making things up trying to save face but it just makes you look worse. You still should have given me the $550 you owed me which has nothing to do with the action we split. I cannot believe after doing nothing but making you a quick buck in NY you turn on me and practically leave me stranded in vegas...real good person you are.

The one thing that definitely seals the fact you are lying is that you felt bad enough you could not apologize to me. If you really thought i was "playing table games" which a significant portion of my roll than why wouldnt you have just said that instead of ignoring my calls and texts. You knew I was waiting for you to hook me up with a place to stay and the only way to even get a response from you is to post on the forum - its so ridiculous Marc. You recieved the text tonight so you must have recieved the other ones I sent I dont know why you couldnt just be straight with me.

edit: obviously looks ****ty but i have never played craps and havent played blackjack or any other table game for over a yr...he was bragging that this kid was on a heater and that he had won 20k in vegas playing craps so we should put some money behind him. stupid to agree on my part but other than that i cannot wait to hear what kind of stories he will come up with. Several hrs in the time frame in question can be accounted for by two guys eddie and I met that i watched lose close to 10k playing baccarat so if you try to say I lost my money playing with those two guys you are also lying - i have their numbers if you want to call them.

and if you really had that much money and u still ****ed me for 2k that makes it even worse. going out and spending $700 on dinner when i loan u 250$ when i first get there and u knew i had very limited money??

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07-07-2009 , 04:03 PM
Sorry it took me so long to respond been really busy with school work. So max says I went busto and home around june 19th/20th. However, on June 23rd in the am I was playing heads up 60/120 limit with Todd Witteles for about 45 mins before he was called for another table. I was completely wasted and obnoxious and made him sign my napkin to prove that I had beat him.

I had stumbled into the Bellagio poker room that morning around 3am after picking up about 8k at Fitzgeralds between blackjack and roulette. If you know anything about that place with some tables having 300 max bets thatís extremely hard to do. I also won like 11 entries into a contest to win some car, a pink tie dyed **** and a host of other bull****.

Meanwhile, before and after my heads up match with Dan Druff I played 10/20nl. At first 3 or 4 handed right outside the highlimit area. I bought 50bbs 3 times against 2 2p2írs who were talking about how fast their cars went 0-60. I then played Dan Druff, and after HU match broke, I went to the 10/20 main game in the high limit room.

By this time I could barely walk, but still managed to have fun. There were several 2p2írs there including one named Kapead ? or something of that nature. Again 3 50bb buyins to no avail. At this time I had no cash left in my pocket but had 2 flags. Was going to go take money out of my cash deposit so my g/f didnít realize I lost money (cuz id still have the 2 flags) but instead went over to bj and lost them anyways. Was then basically kicked out of club prieve because I was touching random people while playing.

There is no chance that I left vegas early, or that I didnít have money after I spoke with Max. I was infuriated after finding out he played table games for a bunch that I didnít even wanna talk to him, I just sent his bag to valet. It was my vacation with my girlfriend and I didnít want to deal with that **** at the time because she didnít want me staking anyone or even gambling much for that matter.

Max has previously slept on my couch a number of times, Iíve paid for his food and some train rides back and forth from nyc to boston, and got him into some of the juiciest private games in NYC.

There is no disputing that I owe max the 250 that he lent my upon getting to vegas. However, the rest is where we are on separate pages. To get to vegas, Max sold his car for 1500. He then went to Foxwoods, ran it up a bit, but no much (few hundo I believe). After getting a plane ticket, he got to vegas with NO MORE THAN 2k. Even if I owed him money there is no way it is 2k. Also, the money he said from the Brooklyn game I believe we were square with that money after that night we deposited money on pokerstars together. Itís possible thatís not the case, I donít quite remember.

So after you went and a friend called and said ďyour stake horse is throwing away money at table gamesĒ I basically got mad and said **** it, and ignored you. So no qualms from my about giving you back the 250 that is rightfully yours, but basically **** you on the rest. Especially since you didnít even let me get home from my trip before smearing my name all over the internet.
07-07-2009 , 05:20 PM
**** me for not letting you get home first??? Do i really need to get the official text message records from the phone company to prove the dates you told me you were on your way to the airport? And like the other guy said you "hear from a friend" that im playing table games so u ignore me? Dont u realize how ******ed that sounds could at least come up with a better excuse than that. You also admitted to asking to borrow $250 within an hr or two of u arriving at the Bellagio...if you had so much money why did u need to borrow a couple hundred from me when u knew i didnt have alot?

You never paid for **** in NYC other than a slice of pizza. You staked me for the games where I always made you a profit with the exception for the $250 loss the last time. What do you have to say about the sportsdebt i paid back @ the one place? You were the one texting and calling me for days saying come on man u gotta go with me we could make serious money so I did sell the car. I got 2k not 1500 for the car made 500 @ foxwoods and 600 (@ the rio) in the first two hrs of being in vegas before u asked for half my action. I had 3100 and lost all of it playing poker not including the $300 YOU told me to give to ur good friend to play craps with. All this bull**** about u playing cards is meaningless because you still owe me the money. You can talk a big game but when it comes down to it your a lying ****ing thief bro. I never did anything but try to help you help me and this is how you repay me?

Also please disclose to name of the friend who said i was throwing away money because maybe your friend Eddie was confusing himself for me. (No offense to Eddie - we got along well so i doubt u would try to throw him under the bus but you dont seem to really give a **** about anyone but yourself)

and once again you dont come back to defend yourself until the links on google to this thread are on the first page.

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07-07-2009 , 07:29 PM
max there is no chance you had 3100 at any point. Also, why wouldn't i have half your action from the time you get there? doesn't make sense to me at all. Regardless I am off to Biloxi/ New Orleans for the week/end. I will call you tomorrow when I am settle in and we will work **** out. no need for it to be blasted all over here.
08-15-2009 , 12:37 AM
Here is a picture of me:

I am not hiding anywhere. In fact, just received a nice threatening phone call from Max himself telling me I better watch my back. My story has never changed from the beginning. It’s true what Lipo speaks of, I am quite the degen. After we got back from Las Vegas my girlfriend saw the checks I had from when I took money off my account and she was none too happy. I promised her I would quit gambling and have since attended several GA meetings and am seeing a Doctor.

I did tell Max I thought his version of the story was complete bull****, and I would give him 800 which would include the money he did infact lend me when we got there 250, and w/e little I owed him from NY games that I was staking him in (which I thought we had squared already) as well as his hotel because I did infact tell him he could stay in the extra room I had.

I have tons of references on here and in real life. I am friends with John Racener in real life and had owed him a significant amount of money and took care of that no problem. I played in his 10/25 25/50 + private games for almost 6 months while they ran. I have two apartments and am paying for my masters degree. There hasn’t been one person other than Max to come on these boards and say something negative about me.

In fact, it’s been the opposite. I haven’t logged on since I’ve stopped gambling and don’t plan on it after this post. Clearly Max’s character has come in question several times in this thread. In fact, it has to me before this incident with him telling me if there was a way for him to get a gun he would rob people for money to go to vegas. He also asked me to log in with my old account and make factious references for him in his staking thread.

Look over the marketplace feedback thread, the player to player transfer thread – I have nothing but great references. I am getting a masters degree right now and don’t have time for gambling. Especially since I love my girlfriend so much. So thank you 2p2 for letting me experience what I have thus far, and **** you max for trying to ruin my name.

I've tried to settle this with him and not have my name dragged through the mud, but clearly it's far too late for that. Sorry to whoever he ripped off before -- just sucks I had to have my name ruined like this.

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