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Old 03-19-2017, 03:37 AM   #1
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List some weird hands

I played a very bizarre one last night which made me think of the subject. I'll put it on later. (Maybe this should be moved didn't see where.) Should have titled: "List some bizarre Actions/Decisions" ... not so much weird run outs or beats.

Some old ones I thought of:

1. Was playing on road, either AC or Tunica, and hand was check all the way to the river, board 2-10-J-Q-K. No flush. Guy bet a green chip. I have A-x I almost just called for obvious split, or maybe I have him but no use raising, he folds or splits. At the last second I went ahead and said all-in. Over 500. Dude tanks and calls. No ace. Jeez ... I was gonna just call. Lesson: don't do it.

2. Guy calls 600+ on river in PLO with jack-high. Misread his hand but had tanked for 5 minutes, even showing his hand face up while he deliberated. He had a mega-wrap whiff, thought he had hit it, board had paired anyway and I was nut full. Amazing stuff.

That was the good old days. This is now. LOL.
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Re: List some weird hands

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Old 03-19-2017, 07:28 PM   #3
I'm gonna need a hacksaw
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Re: List some weird hands

I don't know about hands, but Sammy has some ****ed up thumbs.
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Old 03-20-2017, 04:01 AM   #4
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Re: List some weird hands

Hi I've played poker for a couple years now, have seen a number of cool things take place. I'll tell you about the most memorable hand I've played in.

So, I was dealt pocket 6's. A third 6 landed on the flop, along with a 2 and a Queen. A few bets are placed, and then one dude raises by going all-in. I call. There's another guy left in the hand who has his cards covered. I don't see him. I turn up my cards revealing my set of 6's. The guy on my left turns up his cards to reveal a set of 2's and lays them down. I double facepalm myself, realizing I just made a horrible blunder. The turn is the 2 of diamonds. This makes a flush for the guy still in the hand but gives me a full house, and thus I win the hand. My horrible blunder ironically ended up saving me a ton of money. The dude on my left obviously would have called had I not shown my cards, and he would have won with quads.

Interesting, right? What is your most memorable poker hand?
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Re: List some weird hands

One time my friend was trying to get me to give up LHE and play NL. I didn't listen and sat LHE. On my VERY FIRST HAND AT THE TABLE I had KK and the other guy had AA. His AA held up. If that had been NL I'd have lost my buyin in one hand.

Interesting, right?
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