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Just a nice quad up ... A5h

Normal 1/2 session ... mostly up but lost some back .. and then A5 comes to me in EP. I raise to 16 since it was late in the session and I wanted to thin the herd a bit to protect my stack.

Of course there are 4 callers! 80 in the pot.

Flop KQT ... I check (ready to call for sure), next player bets $44, call, call and I call.

Turn J ... I check, Flop bettor checks, next guy goes all-in, next guy calls and of course I call (I cover all 3). Flop bettor tanks for a long time and ends up shoving too.

Flop bettor ... J9 .. Flopped straight, now gutter SFD (not coming) and chopping with A
Turn bettor ... KK
Caller ... QQ
Hero ... Nut straight with redraw to (now) nut flush.

We run it 3 times and I hold all three with 2 blanks and flush card!

Not so sure what KK and QQ were thinking but thanks a lot for slowing this hand down and then going nuts on Turn. I probably should GII OTF anyway with gutter and flush draws but I may have considered folding since the room was closing soon and I didn't want to lose all my profit for the day.

These don't come around very often .. You can dispute my checking the Turn, but I didn't want to scare anyone out of the hand, especially being the PF raiser and playing the Flop passively ... GL
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Re: Just a nice quad up ... A5h

A poker hand was played.
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