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Re: Degen Stories....

We need to @Snipes to keep this thread alive
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Re: Degen Stories....

Originally Posted by redbuck View Post
Hank, usually the Beau, and sometimes HRock (about 80-20%).

You ever visit that area?
RedBuck I've been to Biloxi 1 night several years ago and played some low stakes NL seemed lavish at the Beau. I'm limited to bike travel nearest gambling establishment is 30 miles away in Gretna Fl a decent little no frills poker room that offers 3 card and some pai gow games vs the "corporation" which to me is the height of degen.

Any degens here ever serve as the corporation?

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I'm gonna need a hacksaw
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Re: Degen Stories....

Reminder that the posts in here are to be about degen stories, and comments about degen stories.

I don't want to hear complaints about it. There are literally thousands of other threads to post in if you want to post something different to a degen story. People come to this thread to read about degen stories, so let them do it.
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I'm gonna need a hacksaw
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Re: Degen Stories....


Last warning. Next person gets infracted/banned if the post isn't about a degen story or a comment about a degen story.
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Re: Degen Stories....

Originally Posted by King Niche View Post
one time i was sitting in my house on my own i had just split up with my gf who was a crack head but she was nice.. the room was dark i was surrounded by bottles of piss half eaten sandwiches i even had a crust behind my ear i was quite sad because i was busto and heartbroken i thought maybe we would make it work and she would be my main squeese anyway she left me for a crack at this point im feelin like ten dewey heart aching empty busto feeling and linger tilt from stacking off with a flush draw because some crotch monkey over bets the pot and i run into the swinging blade and throw up 2 clanging bricks and I just punch my ****in monitor almost put my fist through it and then i kicked my coffee table but not like a regular person no no no..i have to hit it as hard as I can with my ****ing shin!!!! wtff was i thinking im not van damme or some **** that hurt so bad i collapsed in agony and started crying i just laid there whimpering in agony sobbing and eventually the pain eased off but i had blood running all the way down my leg..i just laid there on the carpet for 2 hours staring into space i even knocked one out while laying in the recovery position i felt so lazy like a lazy slob and i smelt so rank like chinese food in a dumpster for days..i eventually get up im wearing stripey boxers and half of them is up my ass ive got my ass cheek showing but i dont care i sit at my pc and watch some 200/400 on betfair wishing i was in the game..i kept sitting at a table hoping i would have cash in my account i actually prayed to mary magdagascar..i check my emails and boooom titan poker have put free money in my damn account!!!!!!!!!!!!!! felt like a blessing. Its like 5 I go straight to max but in 5c/10c or some BS where u get nit on nits and I run that **** up to 20 in no time, then I but in at 25/50 and I hit a big overset and and I make some decent bluffs I get my stack to this point im thinking ok just play this mother****ing cool dont be a degen waste of lung capacity but i say *** it i will take a shot at 2/4...

so I pick the easiest table luckily for me they are all easy and first hand I shove with the doyle brunson just for good luck everyone folds secnd hand i get AA..I shove I get 2 callers an Iwin and im oer 400 i say**** this and i goto 5/10 witha short stack what else am i suppose to do..i run this upto 3k pretty easily and step up to 10/20 and in 3 hours I have 13k..then it happened..I GET KING ****ING KING and some guy called han solo (TILTED) raises me to 30 dollars I re raise to 180 He raises to 550 I call planning to shove any flop flop comes AAA ..he says to me in chat I HAVE IT and bets the pot im like wtf ..thats areverse reversal bluff damn *** he must have it **** i cant fold i felt my heart speed up kind of like a panic attack how can i fold this my dad is in my ear saying DONT CALL he has the 4 of a kind im like no dad let me play my own damn hands why cant you go and play poker with otis redding always ****** interfering ..and i start arguing with him cant believe i have gone from 5 dollars to over a 20k pot in just hours..I call and he flips over QQ..I FIST PUMP LIKE IM OHN MACKENROE SHOUTING NOW WHAT NOW WHAT DAD HE DIDNT SAY **** TURN QUEEN RIVER QUEEENNNNNNNNNNN>>OMFGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG I MWAS SO ****IN MAD I STARTED SPITTINGup BLOOD FOAMING UP ...PUNCHED MY SELF in teh side of the head AND STARTED SHOUTING AT MY DAD INSIDE MY HEAD IM LIKE **** OFF LEAVE ME ALONE GET OUT OF My HEAD.. OMGG IM BUSTO AGAIN I FEEL LIKE A WORM WHO HAS HAS BIN SHOVELLED WHEN THE GROUND IS COLD OR MABE STUCK HIS HEAD IN A TURD..I FELT LIKE SUCH A ****INg DEGEN I COULD HAVE PLAYED 5/10 with 13k so easily and made decent rake and maybe found me some new pussy easily when i tell em im back to being a pro...first i burnt my hand on the stove on purpose omggg i was so wasted i went out in the backyard stark naked i started climbing the trees and just trying to get back to nature and forget the damn poker..loking back id lost my damn mind that pot had eloctrocuted my started to rain and i looked so pathetic i couldnt even get a crack whore to stay with me and I had a big hemmaroid and my white pastey body stood out under the grey sky i must have looked like a sagging bag of milk...

..all i wanted to do was grind for 18 hours a day and fester in my own filth and live the life of a poker pro grind on the mind till i die make my tomb a house of cards.. i wanted to give up so bad.. now i was busto and i couldnt see a break in the clouds or any hope the next day when i woke up i had to masturbate just so i could get out of bed i browsed 2+2 and went back to bed for 3 days..I didnt even get up to go peepee i just pissed the bed because i was busto and nothing else mattered..i kept reminded myself that atleast i nwasnt the fat sloth puppet in that movie seven where he gets locked in a bat cave and is made to eat spaghetti till his guts spill open..but this didnt make me feel any better..
whats urine and the smell of a cheesy ritz cracker ass crack when you lost a 26k pot? i didnt give a **** about pissing on myself by that point..i could of had a milllion dingelberries attatched to my ass i wouldnt have cared...i was so upset the lowest point for so long even lower than when i talked myself out of a guy giving me a BJ for $100 I just couldnt do it..i felt lower than when my mom force fed me flowers..I almost killed myself on day 2 when metallica came on the radio..i dont know how I ever made it out alive..i always swear to this day it was just the hope of being back in action lifted me out of the bottomless pit and gave me reason to live and breathe..never quit guys..not even when they are dragging your face through the ****..there is always someone worse off than a guy with a glass eye with a fish in it....keep grind on the mind
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Re: Degen Stories....

Finished my 15 in a row 14 hour shifts (opened a new place, short on staff), had a solid 13 hours sleep, called my dealer and got a solid amount of coke.
It's Wednesday
Got out with a girl, we hung out all day drinking, visiting places and doing coke etc. In the moment we were going to hers, we had a fight and split up.
Went to the nearest casino with the intention to find moral support from my poker buddies.
At this point is 5 AM, I have to be a work at 9AM.
Play for a few hours more, winning solid and its 8:45AM
Coke consumption for the last 15 hours is over £1k , lost track of alcohol.
It's 1PM, phone is off, I'm still on the table.
Last table at the poker room and it breaks.
I'm winning solid at this point.
Turn my phone off, call my boss and quit my job of 3 years, no explanation or whatsoever.
Find some Japanese prostitutes online and head towards there.
Restaurant nearby, so I drop by to have some food.
Order chicken salads, fruit salads, rice and whatever the **** comes to my mind. Drink 2-3 G&T meanwhile, eat about 10% of the food ordered. Pay & leave.
Got to the hooker's place and wanted 2 of them. Just 1 was available at this point, could hear the other one being banged in the nearby room.
Hire the girl for 2 hours and ask the Japanese pimp to send me the other girl whenever she's free.
Shower with girl, lay on bed to have some rest, she's giving me a massage. Fell asleep for about 1hour and got woken up by the other girl coming in the room.
At this point pay for 2 more hours with both of them.
Do coke and dance to strange Japanese music, helicoptering my dong while girls are on bed laughing their asses off.
Bang the girls later no probs 10/10.
At this point it's about 7PM and I head to the nearest poker room.
Play for a few hours and a friend of mine calls me up telling me it's his last day in the city & he's moving to another country.
Leave poker room and go to nearest supermarket.
Buy alcohol and bull****. At this point I've forgotten what's the reason of the party we're throwing and I assume it's his birthday.
Buy him a birthday cake.
Grab a cab and go to his place.
We have some good laughs and drink for solid 10-12 hours.
Call my dealer early in the morning and tell him to come.
He comes and I buy a solid amount of coke again.
Ask him if he can drive me to the casino and he does.
I cannot get out of the car by myself, he helps me to go out.
Lose myself in the casino parking, 40 minutes later I found the poker room.
1 table running, mostly 90% asleep rocks, game sucks balls.
Lose a stack real quick and leave poker room.
Bump into a girl that digs me for a long time, she takes me to her place.
We drink, bang and do coke for approx 6 hours.
Get a text for a nice homegame going on.
Hope in a cab and get there.
After 4 hours I've accumulated 90% of the chips on the table.
Old fart, probably 90 years old get's mad and demands raising the stakes.
He ''rushes'' to the nearest ATM.
Everyone agrees and puts out more money.
2 hours later I've stacked everyone and game is finishing.
Old fart laying on couch, probably having a heart attack.
Feel bad for him, but non of my business, I leave.
It's about 3AM, grab a cab go to my favourite poker room.
Have drinks and fold 95% of my range, cause at this point I'm bored of poker and mainly brain-dead.
It's morning already, decide to leave poker room.
My nose is spewing boogers & blood and I decide to grab a cold Milkshake from McDonalds and go home.
Pass through the Romanian hooker place near home, hire a girl and sleep for 2 hours.
Don't bang the hooker and leave.
Go home, down whatever is left of a random alcohol bottle and fall asleep.

Wake up 3AM Monday, shower and catch a cab to the poker room.
Lost most money I have.

Take out a loan and win extra big for the next week.

Freak out, get a plane ticket and travel to my sisters place.
Been here for about 4 months.

Didn't pay off loan.

Life changing degen phase. No regrets.

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