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Re: Degen Stories....

Recently moved into a house with two other colleagues in order to save money for a year. Theyíre both early 20ís and fun to be around. So itís a Tuesday evening and the three of us decide to do a shot to commemorate the occasion of moving in. Earlier that day I had blasted off 500 on an online casino and was looking to relax. After we all take the shot I decide to have another couple beers as we continue to chat and eventually I make the decision that Iím going to go to the casino to play a few shoes of blackjack. I donít work the next day, however I do have a management meeting with all levels of managers at my workplace as well as a new director, so I have it in my mind that Iím not going to drink any more. I'm a junior employee, so this meeting is a big deal.

So I drive to the casino, and pretty well immediately lose the new 500 that I brought. I was a little pissed at my run of cards, and decide to go to the bar. They serve a local beer I love and I think its just what I need. I Grab a pint, and pretty well straight away hit the ATM to pull out another 500. After all, swings happen, and I think I can win it back. I take that 500 to the table and you guessed it, itís gone in no time.

At this point, Iím a little buzzed but pretty pissed off in general that Iím getting so beat up. I go to the ATM and grab another 500, bringing my day to 2k in on a Tuesday. I grab another beer and go to the table. This time, Iím starting to grind my stack up, and begin to win. The server keeps coming and coming with beers and a short while later Iím pretty wasted, but sitting with almost 3k in chips in front of me.

Midnight rolls around and I decide that I better get going so that I can make the meeting the next day, but as Iím walking out who do I see but my old love the roulette table.

Bet 500 spread around on the first spinÖ Ball lands in 34. Complete brick.

OkayÖ Bet another 500 spread aroundÖ Ball comes 9. Brick.

Well, I guess roulette isnít my game tonight. I look over and I see a different variant of blackjack. Itís the ****ty low limit 6:5 payout BJ using the auto shufflers not the shoe as I had been on before but what do I care, Iím hot and decide Iím going to win. Sit down, check change a purple chip and in 10 minutes itís gone.

At this point I decide I just better leave, and take my remaining 1k or so to the cashier and exchange it for bills. With those chips Iím only down 500 on the night, and even though I'm pissed I better just go.

So as Iím stumbling out, I pass by the high limit slots and just feel the money burning a hole in my pocket. I start having visions of hitting a quick 2k payout and walking out a winner.

Needless to say I pissed away every dime I had and hit nothing at all.
I stumble outside to the cabs and get a ride home, leaving my car at the casino.

In the morning Iím so hungover Iím puking my guts out. I had to uber back to pick up my car and drive to this meeting I canít miss. Pulled over a couple times on the way there, and eventually sat through it all hoping no one talked to me while also wondering if I smelled like alcohol.

Had such a brutal day I promised myself Iíd recognize that I was at rock bottom and smarten up.

Went back a few days later and got smacked for almost another 2k on an insanely bad couple shoes.
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