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Re: Degen Stories....

Originally Posted by AlwaysFolding View Post
Snipes is probably in OK-shape because he hasn't posted in a few days. I hope the check cleared and he got the debt wiped.

Looking forward to the TR POCKET ROCKETS and may you run hot like the sun!
I'm fine guys. I actually worked out the numbers and I am about +150k after paying debts and buying my splashy Mackbook Pro.

The money is not in yet. I was expecting it on Thursday and they sent me an email saying "the bank needs your passport for verification". I was on monkey tilt. First you say it's processed and $ will be received in 5 business days. On the 5th business day they lay this **** on me. I quickly sent the approved and they said all was good.

On Friday (yesterday) they tell me they are out of CAD and USD. They will send me Euro instead and whatever $ I lose on bank fees from conversion they will also cover it if I send them a screenshot. So they sent a transfer of $100k Euro on Friday and are sending the remaining Euro on Monday. That's where we stand. I need that $ asap to pay a $50k AMEX bill.

On another note I have been clean and enjoying life. SEeing as much family and friends that I have neglected over the past year. Apologized and explained the situation and everyone is very happy for me.

Lastly, put a deposit down on a new 2018 AUdi S5 sportback. Leasing it for 3 years and putting the entire lease payment up front so I am locked in. Splashy I know and not very smart but this is my reward for everything that went down.

Keep you guys updated!

On another note:

My lender friend who loaned me all that $ with heavy interest has punted his roll. This is how it all went down:

I owed him 108k principle and about 30k interest. When I called it quits at 394..he had $40k of his own which he built off my roll. HE spunked the 40k and because the withdrawal hadn't gone through he wasted another $40k of my own $. No problem sicne that's what I owed him so that's his money. He made me leave the princ amount of 108k in there which I did for him because I just wanted him off my hands and did not want to even give him a $ more of freerolls. I knew the balance in my account wouldn't be safe and the best way to pay him back was pinny roll. He took taht princ amount down from 108k to 75k. From 75k he ran it up to 320. He wants to win back 350k which he claims he's lost so 320-108 and he was about $130-$140k short. HE ends up betting on soccer during the day for about 30k..bets yankees astros game 5 over 7.5 for 150k and loses. chased the remaining with Dodgers for $140 and lost. So he busted a $320k roll in half a day.

Now he's sad and doesn't know how he will put his princ $ that he loaned me back into the account. I helped him enough with freerolls..also gave him a 40% return on his $ in 5-6 months so I have done my part. I can't be associated with degens like that anymore. WE will remain friends but I never intend to get involved w him gambling again.

Brag: Lender friend blasted $320k on account..pinny should def pay me now thinking I am a volatile monkey.
Beat: Money still not in and bill is due on Nov 4th.
Variance: Saw how fast my friend lost that large sum and am greatful I walked away when I did.

I'm going to Vegas end of November with the GF. Gonna have a great time..I don't gamble much around her so I am protected.

I've also found pockets where I will be dumping my $ to protect myself. Giving her $20k to save for me. Getting the fence and steps done at the house and my dad will pay me back monthly. Macbook Pro..Car..Iphone X..maybe some clothes. Going to dump 10k into pinny and do $250 singles. MY friend will control the account I won't have the password. Umm what else..probably going to buy a ring and when it's all said and done I will have max 60-70k with me liquid.

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Re: Degen Stories....

Thanks for the update, and congrats on some solid decisions! Please post again when all of the money is literally in your possession.
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Red face Re: Degen Stories....

Originally Posted by Snipes View Post
I'm fine guys...
Well done man, glad you got out when you did. 320k gone in a day sportsbetting is sickkk, I'd be on suicide watch. No guts no glory, I guess...

Also a sick feeling having all that money in cyberspace when big bills are coming up. Partypoker is still dicking me around about 47k I'm trying to cash out and it is tilting as ****.

They unbanned my account but cancelled the cashout and it's sitting there in my account. They're just praying I degen it back but not this time. I banned myself for good measure, I can wait them out.
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Re: Degen Stories....

^ Remember a time when mentioning the possibility of online sites running away with your money labeled you as a looney and a conspiracy theorist? Pepper bridge farm remembers.
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