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Carpal \'Tunnel
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Best BBV Threads Ever - Updated for 2008-2010

These are the least busto BBV threads ever. This is a work in progress and there is a bunch of stuff missing. To add one you think should be in, post the link here OR pm gildwulf or adanthar the link and they will add it to the sticky.



LOL Donkaments

Barry Greenstein says "LOL Donkaments" on High Stakes Poker (YouTube link).

Then BBVers donated a bunch of money to charity in his honor.

BBV donated over $40,000.

Vig the scammer

Vig the scammer pt 1
Vig the scammer pt 2
Vig the scammer pt 3
Vig the scammer pt 4
Vig the scammer pt 5
Vig the scammer pt 6

Gildwulf corp vs. hiv/tongni

hiv match #1

hiv match #2a

hiv match #2b

hiv match #3

HIV/Tongni angleshoot+shaundeeb...BUSTED

Gildwulf vs. hiv/tongni busted pt 2 (timcaum's parallel thread)


4th match: The challenge

4th match: The 8-hour epic battle

Other classics:

I stabbed someone at a poker game

i am a robot professional poker player


Friends trusted me with their cat. He died.

Best OOT Thread titles

evenkeal 1/08

veganmav eats food out of the trash, July '06

Spechel Edd's topless homegame

Alreturn levels, April '07

Transidium wins $10 million (not rly)- April 07


Grim gets grimmed- March '07

BBV Anonymous Confessions

Why I don't tell people I play poker- August '06

Gildwulf's 100 hand challenge

phil ivey mspaint comics

fgators to join fbi

where bbv4l gets its name

Monty Cantsin's "seven serpents"- March '06

grimstarr rocks the grimstarr

Fgators actually doesn't run bad (GRAPH!) - Oct '07

gobboboy is a "freak and a very wierd dude"' November '07

"Go wake up Emil"- July '07


I grimmed MUCKEMSAYUHHH- Sep '07

Lag vs. HAG- April '07

2007 graph thread- Dec '07

New classics (2008):

braveheart 4 eva

Omaheater: $500 to $70k in 8 days- Jan '08

Stars support with haiku

abdullaev is going to write a poker book- Feb '08

BBV quick reply guide for noobs

truly awesome sharkscope graphs

shaun deeb photoshop contest

1st 100k day

sister with balloons photoshop

Blotkis is not concerned

Great moments in tv history pt. 4: phil "back up the truck" gordon

MY QQ888 Beat this hand (pics included)

Should I marry a stranger to keep her in the country? PICS INCLUDED

Beat(NSFW): I just pooped my pants 8 tabling

Things you did when you first started out playing poker

WCG's $10,000 at NL25 in a month propbet

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Carpal \'Tunnel
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Re: Least Busto BBV Threads Ever (UPDATED 05/26/08)

Sickest bumps ever.

PokerStars support is awesome! (The Daleroxxu Code)

A heads up hand is always 50-50.


Best degen stories.

I killed 7 people in a 9 person sng.


The one two teddy.

Grossest craziest night of my life. (graphic)

Bing Blang Blaow

My first slowroll.

Ship the nickels.

Brag: going after mexico's billionaire drug lord joaquin guzman.

The marf: really?? 600k+

Family poker tilts me so hard.

Beat: Guy disconnected in no blind increase sng

Sick of the grind, roll on the table IMO

I dreamed of durrrr

looking for bmw 5 series wallpaper (photoshop derail)

Beat: creepiest poker player on facebook.

Questionable Misclick by nanonoko

HU VS a drooler, lost my "roll"

ET on pokerstars

re(oil's recent hand of the day

Hysterical UB blackjack shenanigans.

Confession: I used to be a NLO8 angleshooter.

Right Place?Experiment:HH's of how doing (modnote: surrealistic artworks ITT)
(my favorite)

The Well: Joyofpoker (also, search his thread history; pure gold)

The ultimate donk move mistake ITT.

I think I just destroyed someone's BR.

Beat: Deposited half my yearly paycheck.

Official 15k in 31 days at 100nl propbet thread.

Gambler2k4 is a big deal.

Friends trusted me with their cat. He died, now they want pics.

girlfriend found my peebottle

wow wakeboarder you ****ing scum

how i rigged full tilt and stole 12k from stevesbets

Today I busted Barry Greenstein With an Ace on the River

that is my child

Beat: My Dog has Brains

Balling outta control. Bought house with poker mobnies.


one year as an alcoholic, lagtarded pro

How to tilt a deepstack (too late, axe in car)

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Carpal \'Tunnel
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Re: Best BBV Threads Ever - Updated for 2008-2010


Lost everything playing poker. Have become human guinea pig for drug company to play more.
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Mike Haven
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Re: Best BBV Threads Ever - Updated for 2008-2010

From 2013:

Very first time playing omaha and resultant NVG thread EAD: Attention Lock pros I am applying for the become a pro contest
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