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Not looking good. Not looking good.

12-06-2021 , 09:57 AM
This is the first orbit for the villain. This is his first pre flop raise after 5 hands. He is in the lojack in a 7 handed game.

He raises, it's folded to me in the SB and I 3 bet TT's, BB folds and He calls.

Qd3cAd....I bet, He calls.

Qd3cAdQh....How should I proceed?

If the turn was a blank How should I proceed?

12-06-2021 , 06:34 PM
I would start with a check on the flop, probably looking to check call one street. I donít like betting the flop because it puts us in a sick spot when he raises or calls.

On the turn idk. Probably check/fold?
12-07-2021 , 04:37 PM
check call
12-07-2021 , 05:31 PM
readless i probably just c/f the flop while its small and i have nothing invested. if he bluffs me out good for him. i dont think people bluff this board much even when you show weakness. of course you can adjust later.

remember he doesnt know you either and as far as he knows when you check this flop you are some dummy who is slowplaying AA or QQ, or is playing KK faceup and never folding.

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