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Re: nc/lc thread: enter at own risk

Originally Posted by Bob148 View Post
If there was ever a time for the Johnny ****ing Chan sorry I don’t remember line from that movie about poker...
This inpsires MrPoon to tell his JohnnyChan story:

Commerce Casino 2007-09 probably during LAPC or some other big tournament event because otherwise Chan wouldn't have been there. Chan takes a seat in the 400/800 LHE game and a jovial regular fish who drives the action welcomes Johnny to the table. Johnny mentions he's playing in the tournament in about an hour, but is going to have some lunch (free food in the high limit room at Commerce!) as he plays.

Chan buys in for 10k in white and I think had a few big chips as well. 45 minutes later Chan had blown 8-12k and decided it was time to head to the tournament.

"That was an expensive lunch, Johnny!", says the jovial fish. MrPoon does not recall Chan's reaction, but MrPoon laughed.

+++Does anyone recall the "water" that Chan was pushing at one point? It looked like water but had some additives of some kind. It may have been at WSOP. I don't think it lasted long. Anyone? Hanrahan?
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Re: nc/lc thread: enter at own risk

That fish is an absolute legend. Thanks for sharing.
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