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Old 07-03-2017, 01:52 AM   #26
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Re: LHE hand in HORSE tournament

I'd believe this is a fold preflop for ICM purposes but I'd be surprised this is a fold no ICM vs a random sb let alone a sb who's supposedly raising 100% (or at least 90%+ we can suppose).

Not sure I understand why you'd want to 3bet preflop. Seems like that would inflate the pot and give you less fold equity post flop. I guess the best reason to do it is if the sb ever calls and then check/folds the flop. But if you're 3betting this hand you're 3betting 100%, and I doubt that's good.

I also don't get the flop raise. Are you hoping he folds right then and there? Or that he folds for the 9k on the turn? Without even having a full bet behind I'm just not sure you get this bluff through enough of the time.

Is there any merit to checking back turn and taking a free card? Like you said, without the full bet you probably have little to no fold equity. You could call any improving river and check back river otherwise to fight another day. Or maybe even bluff river to fold out hands like T5 that would call turn but fold having bricked on river.
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Old 07-08-2017, 06:51 PM   #27
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Re: LHE hand in HORSE tournament

You should call the flop to induce a check/fold on the turn. Raising the flop seems like it will virtually never win you the pot with the stack sizes.
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