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Check flop BVB? Check flop BVB?

01-14-2022 , 02:52 PM
I open Ad6c in SB and the BB calls.

BB is very aggressive pre flop. I'd consider him a very good lag/tag. When OOP he CR's a ton of hands from bottom pair to air. I have yet to be in a BVB situation with him on my left. The games are good so BVB spots don't come up much. He probably sees me as an average TAG. He does have a wide 3 bet range IP in BVB.

4c5cQh....He is never folding this flop. He seems to raise more on the flop than to delay till the turn. I do think he floats here a ton. The only reason I can see betting this flop is to make him pay for his floats. I suppose getting raised isn't the worst thing here since he will have some garbage in his range. He does bet a lot when checked to. He is also raising and v betting super thinly. I could donk check raise the flop or wait till the turn with my value hands sometimes.

Do you just make the standard C bet here or does donk checking against this guy make sense?

Is this a spot where the solvers may say bet x% and check x%?

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01-15-2022 , 03:19 AM
I donít play a lot of bvb so take this with a grain of salt, but I would be betting 100% on this flop because you have such a range and nut advantage.
01-16-2022 , 03:10 PM
Originally Posted by mongidig Check flop BVB?
Is this a spot where the solvers may say bet x% and check x%?
Yup. Solver checks this spot ~40% overall and mixes bets and checks with most of its range.